12 Incredible, Free Programs for Kids at Edmonton Public Library During Spring Break

There are some fantastic programs happening at Edmonton Public Library throughout spring break. They’re entertaining, educational and the best part of all – they are subjects the kids are going to be interested in, for a variety of ages. Here are some of our favourite EPL programs for kids during spring break. 

Kaybridge Puppet Show | Kaybridge Puppets brings the intriguing story of The Frog Prince to life as imagined by the Brothers Grimm which may surprise you and will definitely entertain you! A sassy princess and a pathetic frog meet and the fireworks begin. Be prepared to laugh!

Dinosaur Adventures | Become a junior paleontologist and learn more about the amazing beasts that once ruled earth!

Stop Motion Lego | Do you like Lego? How about movies? Make your own Lego movies with stop motion technology. Lights, camera, action!

Fishy Tales | The zany fisher-folk from Kompany Family Theatre will reel you in with “Fishy Tales” an interactive boat-load of stories, songs and vast exaggerations as grand as the fish they almost caught!

Lego at the Library | Calling all Lego lovers! Come to the library to design and build a Lego creation. Share your building tips and tricks with others.

Cut up Writing | Let’s get random! Explore the technique that helped writers like David Bowie, William S. Burroughs, Kurt Cobain and Radiohead create some of their most memorable work. Grab a pair of scissors and a glue stick and hitch them to your imagination to bring out your own wild writing. Oh yeah—did we mention that the cut-up technique was invented by an Edmontonian?

Come Rain or Shine | From Sun Dogs to Storm Clouds, learn all about weather and the science behind it. Don’t miss out!

Amazing Architects | Have you ever wondered how buildings and houses are made? Explore the principles of engineering with your own creation! Become a budding architect and learn about some of the world’s most amazing buildings.

iPad Coding | Use code and help a robot navigate a path, a dinosaur catch a star or a monster gather gems! Try out a variety of kid-friendly iPad coding apps and become a secret coder! No coding experience or equipment necessary.

Calling all Superheros | Put the super in superhero! Come in as an ordinary kid, and leave transformed into a caped crusader for justice.

Digital Scavenger Hunt | Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Join us for a digital scavenger hunt in-branch by using EPL’s iPads and a cool augmented reality app!

Green Things Grow | Learn about plants, nature, and all things green and leafy in this program that will teach you everything you need to know to create your own garden.

These programs can be found at multiple locations, and multiple times during Spring Break. You can find the information at www.epl.ca and drop-in for free spring break fun for kids in Edmonton.

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