5 Best Indoor Pools in Edmonton & Area for Bigger Kids

Following our best pools for toddlers in Edmonton, today we’re sharing our top picks for bigger kids (5+) in the city. These pools were chosen for their fun factor, the amenities for kids in the pool to keep them entertained while they are swimming, whether it’s play structures, climbing walls, ropes and mazes they can swim around in and burn off some of that energy.

Millennium Place | Big waves, a lazy river and tons of aquatic toys, with a play structure that’s best for children up to 7, Millennium Place is one of those gems of a place. The Lazy River is exciting for games of tag on inflatables, and on the weekends, kids can take advantage of a giant inflatable obstacle course in the deep pool. Plus, when swimming is finished, admission is included for play areas for both younger kids and tweens.

Leduc Rec Centre | A fun play structure for kids older than toddlers, and a ton of space to swim and play in the pool, Leduc Rec Centre has lots of opportunities to play and splash, with two water slides for kids searching for a bit of adventure.

Clareview Rec Centre | Epic games of tag can be had in the maze section of the pool, where you can whiz and swim your way through. After the games of maze have tired everyone out, you can head over to the waterslide. We like the fact that the stairs for the slide are complete with full rails, making it easier for younger children to go up by themselves.

Kinsmen Leisure Centre | Inexpensive admission, lots of fun toys to play with inside the pool and a rope swing that’s going to entertain the kids, with a great slide – Kinsmen is worth the drive to Sherwood Park. As a bonus, it’s usually not that busy. The hours are limited through the week, so check the schedule before you go.

Commonwealth Rec Centre | Complimentary admission once a week with your community league membership, makes this a gem for families living in the area. The slides and the awesome climbing wall that kids can make their way up and jump off of into the deeper water make it one of our favourite choices for big-kid friendly pools in the city. (pictured above). 

What are some of the pools that entertain your kids in Edmonton? 


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