5 Best Indoor Pools in Edmonton & Area For Toddlers

The Best Baby Friendly Pools in Edmonton and Area

Kinsmen Aquatic Centre (Sherwood Park) | Small slides in the saltwater pool and two different levels for toddlers that are used to the water (and not so used to the water) with water spilling over the sides, Kinsmen is  one of our favourites because it’s less expensive than a lot of the other pools (usually $13 for our family of four) and because it’s got the water slide if you want to create a bit more adventure for adventure-seeking toddlers.

ACT | ACT has an easy and accessible gradual entry into the pool, toys to play with and one of the warmest temperatures, we’ve found, inside the city (aside from Emerald Hills Leisure Centre).

Beaumont Aquafit Centre | A toddler-friendly pool that’s usually quite warm, and never too jam packed with kids, Beaumont is one of our favourite places for toddlers, if you’re in the area. The slide is not too quick, and perfect for a toddler’s first go of it and the seperate pool makes for easy wading when you’re with toddlers and infants getting used to the water.

Commonwealth Rec Centre | The fun spraying turtles, bright environment and gradual entry are three of the reasons that the Commonwealth community rec center is one of our favourites for toddlers. The hot tub isn’t too warm and family friendly changing rooms make it a family favourite.

Clareview Rec Centre | At Clareview Rec Centre there’s a gradual entry for the toddler pool, a gradual entry wave pool (though the waves are non-existant), a lazy river, water slide, and diving board area. As a bonus, the temperatures between the pools are similar, so you’re not in shock when you get out of the kiddie pool!

Emerald Hills Leisure Centre | With free swim times three times a week for parents with children two and under, and a warm temperature pool with plenty of small toys to play with, this one tops our list for baby and toddler friendly pools in Edmonton, but it’s located just outside in Sherwood Park.


What are some of your favourite toddler pools in Edmonton and area?

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