Best Kid-Friendly Patios in Edmonton

Patio season is here – and just because you’re bringing along the little people for dinner, or drinks and appetizers, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the fun. There are many kid friend patios in Edmonton, places you can grab a drink – and even places with designated kids menus.

A few of our tips for enjoying the patio with kids – choose places that either have things to entertain them (like Delux Burger Bar) or bring your own things to entertain them. We’re not above handing over our phones while we enjoy dinner in the sun – but you can also bring crayons and paper for them to color while you’re there. Pack on the sunscreen, it gets hot out there and make sure that the rounds of water keep coming. Finally, patios are busy when the weather gets warm – so leave the stroller in the car!

Here are some of our top picks for kid-friendly Patios in Edmonton

MKTem-kay-tee, you’re going to want to check out the patio for the ten dollar brunch special on Sundays (but watch out Mimosa-loving-mamas, the last time we were there I was charged $17 for a Mimosa because the server wasn’t sure how to do it). Cheap brunch in the sun, with enough food for little kids to split one ($10 on Sundays), it’s an easy go to for Sunday morning. Kids are allowed until 9pm.

Julio Barrio’s | Busy, but one of the kids favourite spots to people watch, Julio Barrio’s is sure to have something that the kids are going to eat on the menu, in the very least, chips and salsa.

Jagare Ridge Golf Club | Easy food that the kids are going to eat and an escape that feels like you’ve left the city, are two of the reasons we like this low key patio for bringing the kids along for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Craft Beer Market | The vanilla waffles for lunch, or the meat and cheese board for lunch, are two-favourites of our children when we’re patio-ing at Craft. It does tend to get busy, so we go earlier in the day with children. Kids menus are available for children under 12, with the classics, and they’re going to love sitting on the rooftop patio. Leave the stroller at-home, you’re going to have to climb up a couple of flights of stairs to get to the sweet spot.

Delux Burger Bar | Kids eat free on Mondays, for Monday Funday, or head out on a Wednesday for the sliders – the kids are going to love the desserts, and the fries delivered in shopping carts, and you’re going to love the relaxed and mellow patio probably filled with other families.

Fairmont Mac | The Harvest Room is one of the best patios in the city – and kid-friendly. Any time we’ve ever brought along the kids, they’ve loved the view, and the food. Plus, they act extra behaved since it’s the ‘fancy place’.

Earls Downtown | Earls makes a mean virgin mojito, a favourite of our kids, and has food that they want to eat + food that we want to eat. Plus, the patio is pretty big, so there’s not too often a long wait and you’re right downtown if you want to go for a run through the fun new fountains above the Leg.

Brewsters | Oliver Square is our favourite location for patio-ing with the kids. We like wing night, because the kids devour the wings, and the menu is always entertaining – and yummy. The patio is also perfect for brunch on Sunday mornings,


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