Do This: Kids Multicultural Fashion Show and Contest on 9/4

Mark your calendars for September 4th, 2016! As part of NEBA Joy of Mid Autumn Family Event, children can take part in a fashion show that celebrates cultural diversity, traditions and the customs that are passed down generation to generation at Castledowns Park.  

At the event, children aged 4-12 can take part in a fashion show that not only celebrates this diversity, but helps to create cultural awareness, giving children the opportunity to learn about different cultures while either taking part in, or watching the fashion show.

How to register: parents can register children for the show by visiting and completing the form with information about the child entering the contest.  

It’s a great opportunity to teach even the youngest children about their culture and heritage, giving them the opportunity to research cultural appearances, and create a costume. Parents and children can work together to craft the costume, and take part in the paraded fashion show at the Festival.

In addition to the fashion show, families can take part in fun, cultural activities as part of the festival, for fun activities on the long weekend in Edmonton.

Fun at the Mid Autumn Family Event

The festival includes music and entertainment, an opening ceremony with Lion Dancing, children’s fashion show, dance performances, the chance for children to win prizes, and family fun and entertainment.

To register for the kids fashion show, use this form and enter for your chance to win prizes of $500, $250 and $100. Pre-registration is required, so register now!

This post has been brought to you by North Edmonton Business Association (NEBA) Joy of Mid-Autumn Event.


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