Zoo2U for Edmonton Birthday Parties #yeg

Zoo2U is one of those birthday party entertainment options in Edmonton that is just as entertaining for the kids at the party, as it is for their parents.

With 30 animals to choose from, parents can choose from a variety of party options ($200, $250, $300) that include different age ranges for kids, and different animals that are brought along to the party, it’s a 45+minute presentation where each child gets to pet the various animals, learn a bit more about them, while parents take photos.

Melinda (owner of the animals, presenter at the party) has been great at every party we’ve experienced, ensuring that each of the kids were gentle with the animals, explaining how to hold the animal, and is patient with impatient kids. She encouraged the kids to sit in a line, allowing everyone to get a chance to hold the animals, feed Penelope the pig some lettuce and offering the adults the chance to get involved too.

Zoo2U Edmonton Birthday Parties

Zoo2U is suitable for both indoor or outdoor parties. Outdoors was fun, as it was hilarious to see the pig walking around the back yard, eating the grass, while the kids held the other animals and the adults took turns having the bird sit on their shoulder – but indoors has it’s finer points too. Just make sure that you manage the size of the party so every child has a chance to see and experience the animals.

It’s an interactive way for animal-loving children to see something new at the party, hold animals that they may not have otherwise (like the giant bullfrog) and have something to talk about for months to come. You can visit the Zoo2U website to learn more or book an upcoming birthday party (or you know, an everyday celebration if you want to get up close and personal with Penelope the Pig!)