Encouraging a love of food and getting kids in the kitchen not only helps to ease dinnertime battles, but can be a great way to help families achieve healthy lifestyle goals. For Edmonton children interested in cooking and food, we’ve create this resource of cooking classes for kids in Edmonton.

City of Edmonton | Through the seasonal programming, there are cooking classes for children through camps and drop-in programs, both parented and unparented. Pre-registration is required, and costs vary. Classes are held at City Arts Centre, and one of our favourite is the “Master Kinder Chef” for children 4+ and the cool selection of ‘family classes’.

Family Futures | Offering many valuable programs for the Edmonton community, there are free and low cost cooking programs available for children and their parents through the Family Futures Program. Little Chefs are $5 cooking classes, designed for children and their caregivers. Additional information can be found in their online program guides, on the Family Futures website.

Future Foodies | Future Foodies is a new program to Edmonton, designed to encourage a love of food and healthful living, between kids, their parents, and the kitchen. With programs for kids between the ages of grade one and three, and programs for kids aged 10+, kids will come out of the sessions, more aware of the food that’s on their table, and with the skills and excitement to get them in the kitchen.

PC Cooking School | For kids interested in cooking, the classes at the PC Cooking School, at Whitemud Superstore, are a great place to start. Drop in classes start from only $9, and there is a good combination of skill classes, focusing on different foods, to holiday fun, like gingerbread house decorating classes. Pre-register ahead of time, online.

Sorrentinos | Kids cooking classes are offered twice a month for kids between the ages of 10-14 and have varying themes, every class. Pre-registration is required, by contacting Sorrentino’s for additional information.

Williams Sonoma Junior Chef | Williams Sonoma has Junior Chef Classes every Saturday morning. While children are learning new skills and taking part in a cooking demonstration, parents can browse the store and even take advantage of special discounts and promotions. There is a new theme every week, and with the exception of specialized classes, they’re free for children to sign up, just contact the West Edmonton Mall location at (780) 481-3618.

Are you searching for drop-in cooking classes for Edmonton kids? Register programs to teach children about food? Register or drop-in for the above programs and get your kids in the kitchen!