There’s something magical about heading off to sleepaway camp. It creates friendships that last summer after summer, and children that are well-adjusted. There are many sleep away camps near Edmonton for parents to choose from – use this guide to help make your decision:

Birch Bay RanchBirch Bay Ranch provides children, youth and adults with unforgettable experiences. Campers and guests can challenge themselves on the obstacles of our state-of-the-art ropes course, learn to interact with animals and nature while horseback riding, enjoy delicious and well-balanced meals, and much more.
Ages: 7-17
Location: 45 minutes from Edmonton

Brightwood Ranch | From a three day camp for the youngest of campers (aged 6) to a fantastic camp where campers can spend a week braving the outdoors sleeping in a tipi, cooking over a campfire, and enjoying time with a small group of campers, there’s plenty to explore at Brightwood Ranch
Ages: 6-17
Location: West of Edmonton

Camp Cadicasu | Camp Cadicasu is the best place to experience a summer full of memories and meet a whole bunch of really fun people. Our program is traditional with a twist!
Ages: 8-15
Location: Kananaskis

Camp Caroline | Camp Caroline is one of Alberta’s premier camp facilities. We combine friendly staff, great food, quality facilities, and year-round opportunities for fun and retreat. We love God, we love people, intentionally doing so through genuine care, service, and prayer for our guests and campers.
Ages: 7-17
Location: Caroline (two hours from Edmonton)

Camp Mackinicholea | Camp Mack is perfectly situated on a beautiful pennisula surrounded by the clean, clear water of Long Island Lake.  We offer exciting summer camps in July and August that include water sports, nature skills, adventure games and team building experiences.
Ages: first grade+
Location: Long Lake


Camp Nakamun | Everybody needs a break from everyday life. We provide a getaway by offering exciting summer camps for kids and families and an inviting setting for year-round retreats. Escape the noise and come to camp. We love the live feed of camp on social media for first-time camper parents, and take-home DVD. 
Ages: 6+
Location: Busby, Alberta

Camp Warwa |  Camp Warwa is a Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Centre near Edmonton Alberta. Residential summer camp programs as well as year-round Outdoor camp. Are you searching for spring break sleepaway camp? They’ve got that too! At Camp Warwa we strive to make every camper’s experience an unforgettable one. At Warwa, every camper will get to choose from a variety of challenging and exciting activities, work together as part of a group, and undertake an exciting out trip.
Ages: first grade+
Location: Darwell, Alberta

Camp Yowochas | Camp Yowochas Summer Camp offers overnight and day programs. We are passionate about summer camp and the difference it makes in the lives of our campers. Our programs encourage new friendships and help develop campers abilities to make decisions, be compassionate, patient and understanding.
Ages: first grade+
Location: Fallis

Lone Prairie Camp | Lone Prairie Camp’s mission is to offer a safe and fun environment where people encounter, respond to and are encouraged in their walk with God. Providing an environment where parents know their children are safe is a top priority.
Ages: first grade+
Location: Ferintosh, Alberta

Shumka Dance Camp | Experience five (Junior) to six (Senior) hours per day of high-calibre Ukrainian dance training and regional choreography from Canada’s finest teachers and choreographers. Enjoy Ukrainian-themed activities including team challenges, water sports, swimming, camp fires, and the famous Kolomeyka night with the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers. Delicious food, great fun, and memories to and friendships to last a lifetime.
Ages: 10+
Location: Wabuman Lake

Teen Time Camp | Teen Time is a non denominational Christian Charity organization who works with youth in Edmonton & summer camps. We love that the camps are very affordable, and have weekend camp options through the school year!
Ages: 7-17
Location: Range Rd 23, Division No. 13