Finding time to perform self-care is one of the things that’s going to make adjusting to motherhood, or juggling children, toddlers and a newborn, a little easier. It’s taking the time to do something for yourself, to exercise, to relax and rejuvenate or participate in something you enjoy, despite the fact you’re likely battling an ongoing to-do list.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Garnier Whole Blends, the opinions and language are my own.

Five Easy Ways New Moms Can Practice Self Care

Just Go … Really
As hard as it is to step away from the new baby, take some time, even a half-hour and get out for a walk, grab a drink with a friend or even run a couple of errands and leave baby at home with Dad or family members. Stepping away helps to give you the refresh you need – and you would be surprised how much of a difference even thirty minutes can make.

Shower Without an Audience   
Rather than showering in the morning, when the kids are awake and my husband is at work – I tend to get up earlier, to shower while he’s still at home. The solo, twenty-minute start to the day begins on a relaxing note, giving me a chance to get up, showered and ready for the day.

Garnier Whole Blends are paraben free, with gentle sulfates and natural extracts, making it a great morning break but it’s also an option if you’ve got a kid that jumps in the shower with you. Their new Moroccan Argan and Camellia Oil blend was great! Look for the new Legendary Olive blend in stores near you, soon. The scent is fresh and vibrant, without being overpowering.

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Style Your Hair
There’s something about doing your hair that starts the day off on the right foot. Find products that make it easier to style your hair, and provide better results – faster. For me, that’s using a hair oil, like the Whole Blends Marvelous Oil. It gives my hair a nice finished look, tames flyaways and protects from the heat styling that I’m doing daily. Styling my hair makes it easier to feel productive, earlier in the morning – and as an upside, I’m not shamefully half-hiding behind the door when the FedEx guy shows up to deliver documents for work.

Using the combination of heating and brushing, like a hot air brush can help to style faster, but using these tools frequently can cause damage to your hair. To combat that protection, I like to use the oil to heal and protect, just after I’ve washed and conditioned. A small amount goes a long way to combat heat styling and winter frizz.

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Find a Hobby
A few months ago, it was funnily brought up that my husband thought one of my hobbies was cleaning the house. Though I had a few key words for him, it got me to thinking. I mean, it’s easy how he would think that – it’s one of the things that I’m constantly doing. Do I have any real hobbies? Since then, I’ve taken up yoga outside of the house and have begun to treasure the twice weekly sessions at the local yoga studio. The house may not be as tidy on Yoga days when I’ve got errands to run and children to care for – but the self-care feels good.

What are some of the ways that you practice self care?