Free Kids Junior Course at Stony Plain Golf Course

Stony Plain Golf Course features a fantastic, four-hole section for kids to hone their skills. Whether they’ve never picked up a putter, or you’re searching for a way to introduce them to the course, in a relaxed environment, the Small Fry Golf course, is one of the places you should add to your ‘must visit this summer’ list.

Children 7 and under are required to use the Small Fry course, but parents with older children (up to the age of 10) searching for an introduction in the game can take advantage of the course, and get some green time, for free.

Ready to hit the ‘real’ course? On Saturdays after 6:30, parent and a child can play for the combined rate of $35.00 all in. This 9 hole opportunity sees players tee off the front 9. Free equipment is available on loan for those who require clubs, tees and balls courtesy of the Stony Plain Golf Course and the newly formed Stony Plain Golf Association volunteers.

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