Free BOKS Summer Physical Activity Classes at Reebok Edmonton

Getting kids out and active is a bit easier during the summer months, but if you’ve got a kid that needs a little inspiration to get moving, or you want to start the journey to an active lifestyle at home, we’ve got a great new option for you.

Saturday mornings, Reebok at South Edmonton Common hosts fitness classes for children. The forty-five minute physical activity classes feature activities and games focused on getting children moving.

Let’s get our kids active this summer with Reebok! Join us Saturday mornings for a free, 45 minute BOKS class, which aims to improve the health of our children through moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and functional fitness skills. It is based on the science that active kids = active minds. Get your child’s heart pumping, muscles moving, and brain activated. Parents are asked to stay, and encouraged to participate.

To take part in the classes, you will have to pre-register your child. You can register using this link. Classes are designed for children between the ages of 5-12, but younger children are encouraged to participate with parental supervision.

Classes are held between June 25th and August 27th, 2016 at Reebok South Edmonton Common. The store can be found at 1436 Parsons Road.

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