Festival of Frights 2018

Oct 26-31, 2018 | All day

We are bringing something new to the community for families this Halloween season! We would like to introduce to you, Festival Of Fright! It will be a total span of four full days, from October 26-28 and of course Halloween night October 31,2018. In addition to a fun filling 4-day event, Festival of Fright will be in anticipation to support of the Edmonton Food bank and the SPCA.

We are working hard to have them be our main charities for this event! Everyone deserves a meal, especially around this time of year, we have many events and, in these times, we tend to forget our blessings and what simple things we get to enjoy, which are someone else’s struggle. Not only do people need to eat, but animals do too and that is why we would love to fully support both charities, load up the trucks!