Ripe Tomato Pizza: Kid-Friendly, Fast Casual Pizza in Edmonton

Finding places to eat with the kids that are quick, close to our house, and have food that both the kids and the parents want to eat can be tricky. Let’s face it – most of the time the kid-friendly places are filled with junk that I don’t want to eat and menus that have the same old thing.

Ripe Tomato Pizza is brand new to Ellerslie, and offers fast casual pizzas that are made in minutes, with your choice of delicious pizzas, salads, a great selection of drinks, wine or vodka Italian soda, and craft sodas for the kids. They’ve got six dollar kids-menus, a kid-friendly space and high chairs that are nice and snug, so babies aren’t going to fall out.

Dinner Deal: for $29.99, you can get 2-12″ pizzas, 2 kids meals (that you can substitute for side salads, or soup) and two drinks.

How’s the taste? For the longest time, Blaze Fast Fire’d has been my go to with the kids. With multiple locations around Edmonton and the choose your own toppings, it quickly became my go-to for pizza with the kids.

With Ripe Tomato Pizza in town, Blaze has been replaced, for the delicious, well cooked Neopolitan pizza dough, and well thought out pizza options (or classic, choose your own toppings). Ready in minutes, and a crust that’s near perfect, we found the sauce to be on the tangier side, and I was very happy with my two choices of the featured pizza and the thai chicken pizza. The crust was perfectly cooked, and had that delicious fiery taste; the toppings were fresh and the food was brought over to our table within minutes of ordering.

Tip // Ripe Tomato Pizza even offers birthday party celebrations for kids, where kids can come in and make their own pizzas, going through the experience of being in the kitchen.

Find Ripe Tomato Pizza at 5051 Ellerslie Road, SW. Check out the menu at

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