See Free Movies at Cineplex on October 14th to Celebrate Community Day

Cineplex is hosting Community Day on October 14th, and celebrating with free movies and $2 concessions, with proceeds donated to the We Foundation.

It’s a day of family-friendly movies – some older, some new – that you can enjoy with the family. You can choose to have a movie marathon and create your own double feature or add one into your family fun ideas for the weekend. You can even grab something from the concession – on the cheap, and make a donation that will help to change lives. Check the schedule when it’s released to see which free screenings you’re going to enjoy!

There are a few ways that we save money on going to the movies with kids. We collect scene points when we use our debit cards, we go to the family favourites movies that are $2.99, buy movie ticket packages at Costco and we use our Telus World of Science membership to save a bit off the top for local Imax movies. Using all these methods though, the price of bringing the entire family to the movies can add up quickly. 

Stay up to date and get the schedule (coming soon) for free movies. 

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