The Best Indoor Swimming Pools in Edmonton for Babies

Warm temperatures, accessible change rooms and features that make it easy to swim with a baby – those are a few of the things that we take into account when we’re choosing where to take infants swimming in Edmonton. Here, we’ve listed three of our favourite places to take babies swimming in Edmonton – perfect for first-time parents searching for a way to warm up during the winter months.

Terwillegar Rec Centre
The pool at Terwillegar is one of our favourites for taking baby swimming. Not only are there plenty of benches for you to bring along a car seat and place it while you’re in the pool, but the tot pool is one of the best that we’ve swam in, temperature wise. In fact, this was our first choice for taking our three month old swimming for the first time, this month. Once you’ve warmed up in the toddler pool, you can head over to the gradual entry pool to play in the waves, sitting with the kiddo.

Kinsmen Leisure Centre
There are two baby pools at Kinsmen, both warm, and salt water. One is more shallow, and has a small slide perfect for babies and young toddlers, but also a fun section where there’s a waterfall, for more adventurous play. There are plenty of toys for kids to play with, and baby-floats for them to sit in, when you’re not holding them in the water.

There are no family change rooms here, but there are playpens in the change rooms – a plus for when you’re trying to wrangle multiple children.

This one is a favourite because of the gradual entry and the fun little turtles that are placed at the pool. There are a handful of toys, and floats for babies if you want to venture deeper, with a variety of pools in the space. We find the hot tub to usually be a great temperature for dipping those little legs in to get warmed up.

What are some of your favourite pools for babies in Edmonton?

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