The Best Places to Take the Kids to Play #PokemonGo in Edmonton

Around our neighbourhood, you’ll see children all over the place, catching Pokemon using the new Pokemon GO app. With a few Pokestops in the neighbourhood, it’s common to see the kids running back and forth, between their houses and the stop, loading up on things like Pokeballs and finding Pokemon in between.

For a bit of a bigger adventure, and the chance to catch new and exciting Pokemon that you won’t find in your Edmonton neighbourhood, we decided to share some of the most popular places to take the kids to play Pokemon Go in Edmonton.

Broadmoor Lake | Not only will the kids get the chance to enjoy the playground in Sherwood Park, or cool off in the splash park, they can check out the 10+ pokestops that are in the area, with a walk around the lake. Since the stops refresh every ten minutes, you can walk around a few times – and load up. There are often crowds to be found on the side of the lake across the playground, with lures set to attract more Pokemon, and three within range of the playground.

The Legislature Grounds | Another location where there are 10+ Pokestops for the kids to explore, and all new Pokemon to add to the collection, you can go for a dip in the pools in between catches. With lots to see, and the crowds that gather near the lawn bowling club, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon or an evening out with the kids (and catch Pokemon at the same time).

Griesbach Community | A walk around the neighbourhood in Griesbach will yeild a dozen pokestops and a hotbed of activity in the park. The kids will enjoy a walk around the water, and lots of space for them to walk, run and hatch their eggs – and even the chance to climb on and look over a cool ship structure. This one is a residential area, and it’s packed because of the rarer Pokemon that show up from time to time, so take this into account when you’re collecting.

University of Alberta | Gorgeous grounds to walk through, easily accessible with lots of parking and close to places to grab a bite to eat when you’re finished, the University of Alberta is one of those must-do stops when you’re hunting Pokemon in Edmonton.

West Edmonton Mall | For an air-conditioned adventure when you’ve had enough of the sunny summer afternoons, West Edmonton Mall has 22 Pokestops within it, and three gyms, with the chance to catch Pokemon while you do things like explore the Santa Maria or catch a matinee with the kids. Lots to find, and even more to do while you’re there, it’s a change of scenery from the outdoors.

Are you playing Pokemon Go with the kids in Edmonton? Check out the places above to give you the best bang for your buck, time wise – and add Jackie Parker Park, Shaw Conference Center, Downtown and Telus World of Science to your list of places to catch Pokemon and play PokemonGO in Edmonton.

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