The Rec Room is Open (And Here’s Why You Need to Bring the Kids)

A fantastic option for a late night date night, the Rec Room has opened at South Edmonton Common, the first location in Canada. We had the chance to experience the grand opening, and though I was there of a guest of YEGDateNight, I couldn’t help but walk through and think about just how much the kids would love some of the features. (and, by the way, it does make an epic date night – there’s so much more than I am going to mention here).

First, yes, you can bring children to the Rec Room. Minors must be accompanied with an adult 25+, and earlier in the day, I think it would be a really fun place to bring the kids – and here’s why:

The Epic Photo Booth | You can use your credits that get loaded on to the bracelet ($30 for 200 credits with a promotion) to get the most fun photo booth experience that we’ve had, as adults, so you can just imagine how much fun the kids will have. With hilarious and fun background, green screen images, everything from pirates to travel selfies – you’re prompted with actions like ‘walk like an egyptian’ and ‘arrrggg like a pirate’ or ‘stick your hands in the air!’ and at the end, you can choose from photo packages to print and bring home as a fun souvenir.

The Shed | At the Shed, there’s delicious donuts like Smores and Maple bacon, that you can choose to fill, with your choice of three delicious fillings. What a delicious afternooon snack idea, or dessert, if you want to grab dinner, and choose your own poutine toppings.

100+ Games in The YardThere are 100+ games to choose from in The Yard, the area downstairs where kids can take part in experiential games, like Mario Kart racing and Connect 4, or games where you can actually win tickets, and trade them in the redemption store.


The Redemption Store | You read that right, it’s an actual small store set-up, where you can redeem the credits for prizes – and there are fun prizes for the kids, from the small emoji tattoos, to the bigger prizes, for bigger winnings, like giant pencils. It’s literally like being a kid in a candy store.

The food | There are three different places to eat at the Rec Room, meaning that you can have lunch or dinner while you’re there, and make a full outing of it. Sure, it’s a bit of a splurge, but let’s face it – the environment is so much cooler than any other the similar kid-based places to play games in Edmonton.

Find the Rec Room at 1725 99 Street, at find out more at


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