Top 10 Places for Ice Cream, Popsicles + Gelato in Edmonton

Ice cream. Gelato. Popsicles. Summer is made for after-dinner treats in Edmonton. If you’ve happened upon here wondering where to get ice cream in Edmonton or if the ice cream truck doesn’t frequent your neighbourhood, we’ve got a few places that you can head out to try something new – and some tips and tricks for finding the best ice cream in Edmonton.


Located in West Edmonton Mall, Popbar is one of our favorite get out of the heat treats because you first get to choose your choice of popsicle (gelato on a stick), and then you get to choose if you want to dip it and take advantage of those delicious toppings. My favorite choice? The strawberry popbar in dark chocolate. There are Mini pops for the kids, and there are seemingly endless combinations that can get you through the whole summer.

CoCoCo Chocolatiers 

Cococo has a delicious assortment of goodies – one of those goodies being gelato. While you’re there, you’ll find chocolate, macarons, and even crepes. It’s one of those places you are going to want to add to your list of places to try for date night, trying it out for dessert and a place that you’re going to go back to again and again. There are plenty of kid friendly options, and the outdoor seating is lovely. 10103 124 St NW

Holy Cow Popsicles and Ice Cream Bars 

Holy Cow Popsicles and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Found at the City Market downtown (and other Farmer’s Markets in Edmonton), these are some of the most delicious popsicles I’ve tasted. You need to try the vanilla, it’s going to rock your socks off. The fruity flavors are full of fresh tasting goodness and they’re a perfect way to cool off during the hot downtown city market.

Pinnochio Ice Cream 

Coconut Kiss ice cream is one of the flavours that has to make it on to your ‘to eat’ list this summer. You can get prefilled cups, up to large containers that make it simple to bring home a delicious summer dessert, but difficult to choose between all of the delicious flavour combinations at Pinocchio Ice Cream 12814 163 Street

Ice Cream Shack (Sherwood Park)

Good old fashioned ice cream has a comforting feeling about it on those hot winter days. Flavours that remind you of  your childhood and the ability to get a milkshake in any flavour of the ice cream from the shack are a couple of the things that set the Ice Cream Shack apart from the other ice cream venues in the city. 11 Athabascan Avenue

80 Flavours Ice Cream 

Located in Heritage, this is another classic ice cream shop where you’re going to find scoop after scoop of your favorite classic ice cream flavours. You can find the signature blue trailer at 4025 Gateway Blvd. Since posting a cone of their Irish Cream brownie ice cream on their Facebook page, it’s all I’ve been think about. 80 Flavours opens at 4pm on weekdays, and 2pm on the weekends.

Marble Slab 

Marble Slab Ice cream

With coupons, promotions and groupon deals available, Marble Slab is one of those places that you’re never really going to have to pay full price. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store in the shop where you first choose your ice cream and cone, and then mix it in with candy, fruit and nuts of your choosing. Add the ice cream sandwiches available in-store to the list of things you need to try this summer – and bring the kids for a delicious afternoon treat highlighting some of the most easy to find ice cream in Edmonton, with locations all around the city.

What’s the Scoop

What's the Scoop Edmonton

This signature Whyte Ave ice cream shop has prices as low as $4 for a single scoop of ice cream, making it an affordable way to have an ice cream treat. Classic flavors and a funky little shed to grab some ice cream to break up a walk down Whyte Ave in the summer months, you’ll find it here at What’s the Scoop.  10329 Whyte Ave

famoso pizzeria

Famoso Gelato

Pizza,  flatbread and gelato? You can’t get much better than that. The kid friendly pizza and gelato to finish the meal brings Famoso into our top ten for places to get cool treats in Edmonton, this time, in the form of Gelato. Bonus points for the kid friendly food and the easy to find locations all around the city. Plus, the gelato works as extra incentive to keep the kids behaving through the meal.

Italian Centre Shop 

One of our favourite things to do on a weekend afternoon is browse through the store, grab some gelato from Spinelli’s and head over to Giovani Caboto park across the street. It’s a delicious way to spend an afternoon or evening, and as a bonus, one of the most affordable places to get gelato in Edmonton.

Good Old Fashioned Ice Cream Carts 

Wading in the pools at the Legislature grounds? Bring along a bit of extra cash to take advantage of the good old fashioned ice cream carts where you’ll find prices ranging from $2-5 for those traditional rocket popsicles, to those creamy favorite character ice creams with gumball eyes. Bonus points for having two ways to cool off – in the water and with ice cream that will have you thinking ‘throwback thursday’.