Where to Bike with Kids in Edmonton & Area – The Best Trails and Paths

Getting the kids on their bikes and getting active is where you’ll find us on a Saturday or Sunday morning in the spring or summer. We’ve been out and explore trails and are sharing some of our favourite Edmonton bike trails best for kids –

Strathcona Science Park | Strathcona Science Park is a favourite because of the multiple options you’ve got when you’re biking with the kids. You can stick to the gravel road, trails or even single track for kids more experienced in cycling. This one’s best to skip for children still on training wheels, they’ll get frustrated on the gravel and paths. Our favourite part? The fantastic (but short) boardwalk to bike through, and hills to fly downwards on for more experienced child riders. Trail. 

Rundle Park | At Rundle Park, you’ve got the option to stick to the trails in the park (paved for younger children) with close proximity to washrooms and the playground, or keep cycling to adjoining parks, or even down to the river on trails for older kids or kids more adept at cycling on single trail paths. Paved, trail. 

Rutherford Rd | This one’s a short one, a small ‘urban forest’ kind of area where kids can get the knack of riding on trails, and you can cross the road and find more paved trails to explore the community. Park around the Averton Homes building at 1304 Rutherford Road, and you’ll find lots to explore. Paved, trail. 

Devon Bike Park | Okay, technically not a trail or bike ride – but the kids are going to love this one, regardless of their skill level. It’s going to give them the chance to explore, to get out of their comfort zone and work on some of the technical skills that come with biking. The Bike Park is located in the South end of Voyageur Park, in Devon. Trails, course.

Borden Park | With tons of greenspace, lots to stop and see like great playgrounds, fountains and sculptures throughout the park, Borden Park is a great choice for the littlest of kids on training wheels because of the easy, flat, cement paths. Paved.

Broadmoor Lake | Paved trails, access to the best slide of any playground in Edmonton area, and a big loop around that’s filled with other families, Broadmoor Lake is perfect for those kids just getting used to their wheels. Paved.

Victoria Park Area | Head over to Victoria Park, park in the parking lot and then get out the bikes. Cross the road and decide left or right with a bike ride on paved paths that’s filled with great views and different places to go and explore, with easy access to downtown fun. Paved.

Elk Island Park | Paths and boardwalks with the chance to see Bison while you’re biking, this one is best left for kids off of training wheels – because it would be difficult terrain, but you could put the younger ones in a trailer and haul them along for the ride. If you’re in search of summer and spring adventures, this ride should be on your list. We’ve done four of the easy trails for the kids, and the wildlife makes this one a favourite.

We would love to check out more trails with the kids – what are some of your favourite places to bike with kids in Edmonton? 

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