You’ve Got to Visit the U-Pick Flower Farm Just Outside of Edmonton

Birchwood Meadows. Remember those two words because you’re going to want to add them to your vocabulary when you’re thinking about the end of summer, beginning of fall, things to do with the kids. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got children who adore picking flowers, and usually, the answer is no – ‘let’s leave the flowers alone in nature’ in the ravine, or someone’s front yard on the way to the playground but visiting the U-pick, they can choose the flowers they want, and the answer can be yes. 

There’s something so much more special about the idea of creating your own custom bouquet, rather than picking it from the flower section at Costco, like we admittedly do. Flowers are priced by the stem; On average, most people spend between $15-25. As an example, sunflowers are $2 and sweet peas are 5 for $1.

The U-Pick flower farm outside of Morinville has varying hours of operation, and you can follow along with Birchwood Meadows on Instagram, or Facebook to keep up to date with the opening hours.

Planning your visit to the U-pick? You’re going to have to act fast this year – as frost is coming shortly, and as soon as the frost hits, the U-pick flowers are finished. Don’t have time before the frost hits? Make sure to add it to your plans for next year!

Find Birchwood Meadows at 56032 Rge Rd 245 in Sturgeon County. Tip// search for ‘First Choice Tree Nursery’ using Google Maps for easy directions.

Photo: Birchwod Meadows


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