10 Bucket-List Worthy Spray Parks to Visit in Edmonton This Summer

Broadmoor Lake Spray Park | The best playground in Edmonton and area, more spray park designs could learn from this one because of the many places to play. There’s the traditional spray park, a slide and play structure within the park, and a small area with a little created river for babies and toddlers to play in.
Find it at: 2025 Oak Street, Sherwood Park

The ‘Rainbow Balls’ Spray Park | Located at the Meadows, this is one of the ‘hidden gems’ spray parks we enjoy because it’s usually not that busy. It’s so much fun to run through the rainbow balls, and there are a few places for parents to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the space.
Find it at: 2704 17 St

Jackie Parker Spray Park | For small children, the water feature where they can create and play with taps and pipes, making potions and having fun. Plus, there’s a small play structure beside the playground designed for little kids, so they don’t get overwhelmed with the sheer size of the playground (and so it’s easier to keep an eye on little kids).
Find it at: 4540 50 St NW

Castledowns Spray Park | Fun rainbow rings to run through, pianos to jump on and plenty of ways to get wet in the spray park, this one is literally right beside the traditional playground, so you’re not going to have to find a new spot to sit if you’ve got a kid that likes to go back and forth between the playground and the spray park.
Find it at: 11520 153 Ave

Hudson Spray Park | Hudson Spray park is our top choice of spray parks for babies and toddlers in Edmonton. The water allows the kids to get wet, without the space being overly intimidating for small children that are playing in the water. Plus, there’s a fun playground adjacent to the Edmonton spray park.
Find it at: 13625 Cumberland Road

The ‘Mustache Spray Park’ | One of the best parts of this playground is the ‘mustache guy’ because it makes the kids laugh, every single time that they see it at the playground and spray park. Bonus? There’s shade at Cloverdale Spray Park.
Find it at: 9411 97 Ave NW

Kinsmen Spray Park | Tons of green space, that’s one of the best things about the Kinsmen spray park. You can sit around the park at one of the picnic tables, and watch the kids cool off in the water, or choose an area over to the right where there are areas of shade, under the trees. When you’ve finished in the spray park, you can head over to the playground or claim one of the picnic sites to have a cookout over the fire pits.
Find it at: Kinsmen Spray Park – 9170 Walterdale Hill

Woodlands Water Play Park | Nestled away in St. Albert, this free spray park is a favourite place to play because of the on-site construction and large play area where children of all ages can enjoy the spray park. With plenty of parking, and places to sit, you’re going to want to bring a blanket and a picnic for a fun day out.
Find it at: 165 Sturgeon Rd, St Albert

Borden Park Outdoor Natural Pool | Scheduled for completion during summer of 2017, this is one spot that we’re keeping our eyes open for to visit this summer. The space looks incredible, and we can’t wait to have a look at the gorgeous natural pools, at one of our favourite parks in the city.
Find it at: 7703 Borden Park Rd

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