10 Family-Friendly Places to get Waffles, Pancakes and Crepes in Edmonton

Pancakes. They’re a classic. They’re one of those comfort foods that you want to eat on weekend mornings. They’re kid-friendly, adult-pleasing, and today we’re sharing some of our favorite places for pancakes in Edmonton (with kids).

Blue Plate Diner Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Fresh lemon, delicious blueberry, you can’t get much better than the pancakes at Blue Plate Diner. The eclectic style and fun decor, downtown location and easy, kid-friendly atmosphere make it a favorite stop for Saturday morning breakfast pancakes, adult style.

Waffles at Cacao 70

The waffles are dreamy at Cacao70. Chocolate for dipping, and delicious sides, and almost too sweet for one person, you’re going to be able to get away with ordering an entree for two kids to share. Dreamy, and decadent, you might want to choose something savoury from the menu to go along with it.

Old Country Inn German Bacon Pancakes

Formerly Barb and Ernie’s, Old Country Inn is one of the most popular breakfast spots in Edmonton – and you’ve got to add the German Bacon Pancakes to your list of things to try because of the full slices of bacon, secretly tucked away inside the thin pancakes. We drool about this one just thinking about it – and the kids love the bacon inside. Plus, one pancake is enough for a couple of kids!

The Blue Chair Cafe Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes

Sunday mornings were meant for brunch, and even better when there’s live entertainment, right? We like that the kids breakfast comes with a poached egg (and a pancake) and bacon. Blueberry pancakes from your childhood, done in a way that’s going to make you eat way more than you planned.

De Dutch Pannekoeken

There are so many different ways that you can pancake at De Dutch. Sweet, savory – a combination of the two. Pannekoeken goodness, this Dutch creation may be the most baffling. With a circumference of 37” and a diameter of 12”, it can be cut into 113 square inch bites. Its simplicity lets you try new flavours with the comforts of home in every bite. There are almost twenty different choices + other food on the menu and you can make reservations online.

AWAKE Coffee House Bubble Waffles

These bubble waffles are what dreams are made of – and they’re under ten bucks an order. If you’re looking for a place to feed the kids on the cheap, and delicious – this out of the way location is a great choice. It’s tucked inside a pharmacy, and the bubble waffles are stuffed with ingredients, like pizza! and a delicious Oreo cream if you’re craving something sweet.

OEB Sugar Dusted Waffles

Quebec maple syrup, salted butter, powerdered sugar make up some of our favourite waffles for the kids in the city, and the full menu is so diverse that you’re going to be able to find something for everyone in the family!