12 Things to do with Your Kids on Christmas Eve Day in Edmonton

Here are a few events and activities that you can do with your kids on Christmas Eve day in Edmonton

Visit with Santa by Appointment
Make your last minute appointment with Santa at West Edmonton Mall. You can book your one on one visit with the big guy just in time to make it count. You could make your appointment and bring multiple children, to get an up close and personal visit with Santa and bring home all of the images taken during the session on a flash drive!

Play in a Life-Size Christmas Cabin
There are plenty of places to play if you’ve got a bit of last minute shopping to do at West Edmonton Mall. From the Gingerbread houses near the entrance of Winners/Homesense in the Mall, it’s a fun stop for little kids.

Walk Down Candy Cane Lane
Christmas Eve is one of our favourite times to explore Candy Cane Lane. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and walk down Candy Cane Lane with the kids, one more time before the holiday. Bundle up and enjoy the lane!

Watch Gremlins at Metro Theatre
Billy gets an unusual Christmas present: a small furry creature named Gizmo.There are three rules he must follow: keep him away from light; don’t get him wet; and never, ever, feed him after midnight. When the last two rules are broken, a race of violent little gremlins is created, and they run amok on the town. USA 1984, 106 min, Dir: Joe Dante
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Head to the Movie Theatre
This year, we’re starting a new tradition and heading out to Landmark Theatre with the kids to catch a movie on Christmas Eve. Pajamas, popcorn? Can it get much better than that? It’s a fun Christmas Eve tradition that you can work in during the afternoon or evening, depending on your regular activities and the ages of your kids.

Go Tobogganing
Visit one of the many places to toboggan in Edmonton and area with the kids. Grab a sled and bundle up, head out to enjoy some sledding – warming up afterwards with hot chocolate. Find your next favourite toboggan hill using our directory of toboggan hills in Edmonton, right here.
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View the Hogwart’s Gingerbread Castle
At Duchess Bake Shop, you can view the Hogwart’s castle. You can visit the shop and see the Hogwart’s Castle between 10:00 and 4:00 pm on Christmas Eve – and grab a little treat, or hot cocoa while you’re there!
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Build a Gingerbread House
If you haven’t already built a gingerbread house, you’re in luck. Many of the kits are discounted for the season, and you can find a few of our favourite mini kits left at Sugared and Spiced Bakery if you shop quick! They’re adorable, and teensy enough for little kids to help assemble and decorate – the fresh kit comes with everything you need to complete the house – and while you’re there, you can shop for cookies and Christmas baking!

Cafe O Play (Open Christmas Day)
Whether you’re searching for something to do on Christmas day with the kids if there’s no family in town, or you’re searching for a way to run off some energy between dinners, or want a way to get out and play – Cafe O Play is open on Christmas Day.
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