270-Degree Screen, 4DX Roller Coaster Seats and Cineplex Clubhouse – Check out The New Ways to Watch Movies with Kids in Edmonton

We’re a movie family. We see a lot of movies. At least one a month, and usually more. When it comes to trying out the new movie theatre experiences with the kids, we’re there for it. With all of the new movie experiences that have popped up this year, we wanted to share where you can try the new experiences with your own family, on your next movie date.


Similar to a one of those Cinematic rides at Disneyland or Universal, these theatre seats do everything from move in motion through the movie, back forth, up down, and more – really making you feel like you’re a part of the movie.

We’re typically a recliner family, at the Landmark Cinemas but the 4DX is a fun experience you’ve got to try at least once! For little hands, maybe skip the popcorn – because those seats are getting jostled around and though the kids loved it, a lot of popcorn ended up on the floor!

Where to watch: Scotiabank Theatre West Edmonton Mall

Cineplex Clubhouse

Launched in Calgary last year, we’ve finally got one of our own here in Edmonton. Kids can race off the energy before the show starts on a fun, and fast, slide, or play with toys that are provided in the front of the movie theatre. For me, this could go either way, where the kids are going to want to run and play throughout the whole movie, or it could provide an outlet for them to run off their energy before the movie starts. Great for younger kids, you can play thirty minutes before the movie begins, and it’s not as dark as the regular theatre.

Where to watch: Cineplex Odeon South Common

Cineplex X 270-Degree Screen

Do you want to really feel like you’re in the move? The immersive, 270-degree screen can do just that, giving you a full, head turning experience throughout the movie. ‘Expand your movie experience with a 270º panoramic screen that immerses you in the action in select pivotal screens.’

Where to Watch: Cineplex Odeon South Common