3 Stylish Alternatives to The Basic T-Shirt for Men

What would our wardrobes be without t-shirts? Let’s face it – they’re wardrobe staples, and they’re here to stay. But if you’re feeling a little bored with your off-duty uniform of a basic t-shirt and jeans, then we’ve got some good news for you – there are alternatives! 

And we’re not saying throw on your best shirt or wear a sweater. We have alternatives that will change up your wardrobe and will have even more impact than your favorite crisp white tee. And that’s a promise!

When you choose the right t-shirt, you don’t look lazy, you look stylish. And we can guarantee that these alternatives will do this and so much more. Here are our 3 favorite stylish alternatives to the basic t-shirt.

The Henley Shirt

The Henley shirt is like a t-shirt, but the only difference is that it has a buttoned-up round collar. It also has ribbed detailing to the cuffs and hem, because we know it’s all in the little details. This gives a more suave finish to the wardrobe classic and makes it instantly dressier. 

You can wear the Henley shirt alone with jeans, or layered with knitwear or printed shirts in colder months. There are so many options!

It’s a notch up from a t-shirt, providing a more polished touch to your look. Unlike the t-shirt, it is more office-appropriate thanks to its button detailing. You can choose how you wear it – either button-up or leave them undone for a cool edge. 

Each outfit is boosted with a Henley shirt – this will soon become one of your favorite tops! Plus, it’s perfect for layering in colder temperatures. Over the years celebrities such as Bruce Lee have rocked a Henley shirt, showing that it is a classic – and one to invest in.

You can check out the Henley t-shirt by Fresh Clean Threads which comes in short-sleeved styles and is crafted in a super soft cotton-poly fabric for an irresistible feel on your skin. The shirts also come in a variety of colors – our favorites being Mercury Green, Garnet, and Odyssey Blue. You can choose which colors suit your wardrobe most, and we are sure you’ll find different ways to wear them!

The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt gives a preppy touch to your outfits, all while remaining casual. We love a classic polo shirt with an embroidered logo and striped cuffs for that all-American look! 

However, there are a few do’s and don’ts when wearing a polo shirt – it does not go with a blazer, and remember not to buy them oversized. Like with many wardrobe essentials, the fit is key to nailing the look. You don’t want to buy them too small either, as you will look awkward and very uncomfortable!

Another huge no-no when it comes to polo shirts is oversized logos – there’s something obnoxious about them! Minimalism is on-trend right now and it’s with good reason. A small logo on the breast is subtle, stylish and efficient if you want to flaunt your favorite brand. 

And whatever you do, do not layer your polo shirts – they’re only meant to be worn one at a time! Last but not least, do not pop the collar – fortunately, this 2000s trend has died down. Take notes!

Whether you’re out on the green, or just chilling out with friends, the polo shirt is a must-have. Polo shirts tend to be made out of cotton, pique knit, or mercerized fabric to nail your looks. 

They can be worn for casual occasions, and look great with a pair of jeans. In the fall, you can wear your polo shirt under a casual jacket for a laid-back vibe. They are ever so versatile – you’ll always know what to wear!

The Grandad Collar Shirt

If you’re looking for a more dressed-down version of the shirt, then the grandad collar shirt will be the perfect balance between a casual tee and a smart shirt. Also known as a band collar shirt, this shirt has various aliases. 

You’ll still look sharp without a collar, and you’ll have the loose and comfortable fit of some of your wide-fit tees. Sick of your wardrobe classics, rethink everything you thought you knew, and invest in a grandad collar shirt! Think of it as a t-shirt upgrade!

Style icons such as David Beckham and Liam Payne love these shirts, and now it’s your turn to rock the look. It can be worn under a blazer for a smart casual vibe, or even under a cardigan for a vintage feel. 

The grandad collar shirt has added something to casual fashion, combining both style and comfort, and being appropriate for the office or for a day out with friends. Though the shirt is meant to be loose, it’s still meant to follow the shape of your body – it shouldn’t be too big or too fitted, or you’ll lose the whole feel of the shirt. 

Getting the right sleeve length is key for a classic look. They should fall where your wrists meet your hands for an elegant length. Anything longer and you’ll look like you’ve put on one of your dad’s shirts, too small, and you’ll look like you’re wearing something from when you were a teenager.

The fit of the collar or lack of it is also important. You don’t want something that clings to your neck – you’re after the laid-back vibe after all. However, it shouldn’t gape either. Finding the right fit will always ensure that your outfits are on-point. Once you’ve worked out your fits, you’ll never get an outfit wrong!

Time to change up your wardrobe – no excuses! You’ll soon have an innovative wardrobe with plenty of surprising and new pieces to mix and match with your all-time favorites. We’re not saying to not wear a t-shirt, but instead think of new ways to innovate your casual looks. 

Fashion is all about experimenting, and now’s your chance to do it! Have some fun with your everyday wardrobe and create some polished outfits that will definitely turn a head or two!