4 Best Online Master’s Degrees That Will Get You Hired

Education can open up so many doors and provide previously impossible opportunities. With the rise of the internet, more and more people have been turning to online courses to learn new skills and add strings to their employment bow. Whilst in the past, most people did not do a master’s degree because of the time and cost involved, online courses have made them far more accessible to anyone with a Bachelor’s who is looking to progress in life. 

Online master’s degrees are cheaper than studying on a traditional course and can be done from the comfort of your own home on a schedule that you can plan around your busy life. If you are planning on doing a master’s degree, it is worth knowing which one will give you the best possible opportunities for career advancement and increased earnings.

Here are the 4 best online master’s degrees that will get you hired.

1. Master’s of Business Administration

Considered by many people to be the Rolls Royce of master’s degrees, a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), opens the door to so many career opportunities. The experts at this site explain that an MBA is often a minimum requirement for many top-level positions in business and so without one, you can easily hit a glass ceiling in your career. Previously, it was very difficult to find the time to do an MBA because of work commitments. Business people looking to get ahead couldn’t take the time off to study for a master’s but with all of the online options that are now available, you can study in your own time and plan your assignments to fit around your job and family commitments.

2. Master’s of English

English has long been the subject of choice for anyone who loves language and literature, as well as people who want to keep all of their job options open. A Master’s of English provides you with a huge range of skills which are desirable in so many different careers. English master’s help you to develop your creative skills, teach you valuable work and preparation skills, and open your mind to the vast world of English learning. A Master’s of English is a degree that can greatly benefit teachers as they will be able to step up a pay grade and apply for jobs that are unavailable to them with just a Bachelor’s. Many universities and international schools around the world will only consider teachers with a master’s so it can give you a huge boost in job opportunities.

3. Master’s of Marketing and Advertising

Advertising is a hugely dynamic industry with major opportunities for career developments and top earning potential. Whilst the traditional marketing methods like print and radio ad copy have faded with the rise of technology, a whole range of new marketing avenues have emerged which are now dominating the industry, and which can be best learned on a Master’s of Marketing and Advertising course. Digital marketing uses tools like SEO (search engine optimization) and social media ads to boost a business’s sales and brand, and a master’s degree will teach you all the most effective, up to date marketing strategies which can help you get hired and then succeed in your career. Many of the top marketing and advertising will immediately dismiss any applicant without a master’s degree so it is a vital arrow in your quiver.

4. Master’s of Programming

Computer technology now plays a role in every aspect of our lives, businesses, education systems, and recreation and a master’s of programming will provide you with the skills for a career in every kind of computer job. Programming is vital for website building, software development, and app creation, all of which are now key aspects of our world. These skills are difficult to learn and so anyone who has developed them through a master’s degree is highly sought after on the employment market. With the unstoppable progression of the Internet and the continued automation of our lives, a career in programming looks set to have a bright future.

A master’s degree can really transform your life and job prospects and it is always a worthy investment. The wide range of different master’s degrees which are now available online has made them a great option for anyone with a little time to broaden their horizons and take a big leap forward in their career. Online master’s degrees are affordable and can be completed on a schedule that fits around all of the other commitments in your life. If you have been weighing up whether to take the leap and enroll on an online master’s course, there is no better time to do it.