Daily Cheap Drop in Play for Kids at Strathcona County Sportzone this Summer

Get out of the summer heat and spend your morning or afternoon at the Sportzone at Ardrossan Rec Centre where kids can bounce around on one of two inflatables, play giant games, like blocks or bowling, checkers or tic tac toe and ride around the indoor arena on Plasma cars.

The cost to play is $4 for drop in, or complimentary with a Millennium Card. For ages 3 years old and up. Children ages 3 to 6 years must be supervised by someone who is at least 14 years old. SportZone is included on your Millennium Card or with regular admission. Socks are required for use of the inflatables.

SportsZone is accessible daily in Ardrossan until the 2nd of August, and then at Millennium Place until the end of summer, and is included in regular admission to both facilities.

Play is very open ended in the SportZone. Rather than having an enourmous play structure at the higher priced indoor playgrounds, kids can use the provided toys and bounce castles to create their own structure, their own games and their own experiences. They can do everything from make a throne with the blue blocks, to playing a variety of sports games.

Perfect for toddlers and kids, SportZone is an inexpensive way to run off some of that energy when it’s a rainy day or it’s just too hot to spend any more time outside.

What else to do while you’re There

Ardrossan: visit the indoor playground in the facility (included in admission) or the new playground or splash park outside of the facility (free).

Millennium Place: swim in the pool, play in the indoor playground or check out the skate park outside to extend the entertainment.

Stay up to date with the hours and details at www.strathcona.ca