4 Online Course Platforms You Need to Know About

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm, life as we know it has changed completely. Since the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve been forced to adapt to these changes in multiple ways, and switching to online learning has been one of the most significant adjustments we had to make. Not only did all the educational institutes around the world switch to online learning, but most of us have also started looking for more ways to make money on the internet. 

Thanks to the availability of online learning platforms, earning money by creating online courses is now easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a way to expand your knowledge at home, these are the 4 online course platforms you absolutely need to know about. 



Thinkific is the most-widely used online course platform, and that’s for good reasons. You can’t help but be curious about this platform and how it succeeded in convincing over 51,000 course creators from over 190 countries and around 10 million students to make it their go-to platform. You can either use the free version or subscribe with a monthly $49, $99, or $499 depending on the plan of your choice.

It’s hard to find a starting point when it comes to describing the wholesomeness that is the Thinkific platform. Perhaps we can start with their collection of user-friendly features that enable you to create and customize your content in the most seamless experience. All you have to do is drag and drop items and then add your course content, or you can just use a ready-made template designed with the highest quality in mind. Moreover, it offers email marketing tools and membership site integration for your lessons, with the option to integrate the platform with more than 1500 apps to enhance the experience even more. All of these features make it possible for course creators to provide a wholesome experience for their students, who will also be able to use the platform’s features to set goals, track their course progress, and customize their own learning experience. 

The platform comes with very few shortcomings, one of which is the limited features offered in the free version. You’ll also find it difficult to integrate it with your sales funnel software. Finally, their built-in discussion forum can use some enhancement as well. 


Teachable is especially convenient for beginners, providing all the necessary features in a seamless and user-friendly way. This is why, as the experts at ecosecretariat.org/best-online-course-platforms/ explain, over 100,000 course providers have been using Teachable since 2013 to pass on their expertise through unmatched e-learning products. Moreover, it’s very well-known for its premium course creation bundle, where you pay $119 per month in exchange for zero transaction fees. 

When it comes to the features of this platform, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be able to create and upload your content seamlessly, edit the layout and design of the class, and open an open communication with your students using the same web host. Students will be able to evaluate their progress by taking graded quizzes, and they will also receive certificates upon completing the courses. They can also browse through the courses by category and popularity, having instant access to thousands of courses. 

When it comes to the downsides, the most obvious shortcoming is that the free version has a limit of 10 students. You may find it difficult to reach their customer support at times, and creating a sales page can also be a hassle. Their course design templates can also do with more diversity. 


If you’re looking for the ultimate interactive platform, then you won’t have to look any further than LearnWorlds. That comes from the myriad of premium features offered in this platform, like questionnaires, tests, customization, responsive templates, styles, interactive video players and e-books, adding informational pages, and social media integration. However, course creators won’t be able to use the platform for free. They’ll also have certain restrictions in pricing your courses. 


If you’re a hardcore online course creator looking for a professional platform, then Kajabi is what you’re looking for. This platform comes with strong features that allow for marketing automation, customizable checkouts, upselling digital products, diverse themes, and blogging. Since it’s primarily targeted at professionals, it’s no surprise that it’s more expensive than the previous platforms, where it starts at $119 per month. As for every student looking for getting professional courses that live up to their name, then Kajabi is their go-to platform. 

The world of online learning is quickly evolving, and the market forecasts show a huge favorability for its growth over the next few years. If you’re thinking of joining the scene, then now is as a good time as any to get started. You’ll find dozens of online course platforms to do the job, and any of these four platforms would be a great place to start.