4 Ways to Experience Nature You Need to Try

After being holed up inside for long periods of time, Mother Nature has had time to restore the planet. Now, it is time to go on out there and explore the great outdoors! With all of the beauty that is out there to explore, there are many great activities to try outside. Depending on where you live, you can find extreme sports or activities to try. However, these ways to experience nature can be found all over the place. 

Why Nature? 

Being outside has been proven to help emotionally and physically. Just walking through a park can relieve stress and ease any bad moods. If you are participating in sports outdoors or trying out recreational activities then you may also experience moments of pure joy and elation. 

When enjoying nature, you can do anything from a simple nature walk to doing yoga on the beach. Pending on where you live and what you have nearby, you can find a plethora of new ideas for outdoor activities. When it comes to kayaking, the pros over at FantasticKayaks.com suggest finding the right kayak that you can transport easily for your needs. Also, you can find the best outdoor gear at many online outdoor retailers. Purchasing a pair of trail running shoes gives you a great and inexpensive new sport to take up to explore the mountains, woods, or hills in your area. 

Four Great Hobbies

If you are unsure of what you want to do outdoors, then you can always take up a new hobby or outdoor activity. Listed here are four great ways to experience nature that you can do nearly everywhere:

Get on the Water

One of the best ways to relieve anxiety and stress is to get on the water. You can grab your partner or a friend and rent a canoe for the day. You can purchase an inflatable kayak that you can keep in your car for any spur of the moment trip to the lake or river. 

You can also rent or purchase an inflatable standup paddleboard to cruise around your local lake. Whether you live near a lake, river, or ocean, there should be some water nearby that you can utilize in order to make the most of these activities. Make sure to bring the right gear along with any water sport – such as a life jacket, plenty of water, and sunscreen. 

Go for a Run

Running outside is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. There are plenty of regional places to explore on foot and running is a great way to see them. Not only does it get your heart rate up but it is also a great way to cover several miles. You can find a trail race to train for or even train for an upcoming marathon. You can grab a group of friends and take a long, refreshing weekend run. If you have regional parks or even mountains nearby, then you can take up the trails and aim high for those hills! Make sure to have proper shoes when taking long runs as well as plenty of water and even some snacks. 


If lots of physical activity isn’t your thing but you still want to soak in the sun, then you can take up birdwatching. This gives you some physical activity as it does involve walking, but now you are walking with a purpose. All you need are some binoculars and can help you to hone in on your outdoor skills. Yes, this is no longer a hobby for the elderly. Plenty of people of all ages have become ‘birders’ and utilize this time to practice being quiet and still amongst wildlife. You can buy a local book about birds in your region and listen to their calls. This is a great way to practice for hunting or tracking wildlife as well. You can begin by looking for animal tracks or places that larger animals have nested in the ground. 

Foraging for Food 

Another fun activity to do outdoors is to practice your survival skills by foraging for fruits, berries, and wild mushrooms out in the wild. During mushroom season in the summer and fall, you can even collect rare and exotic wild mushrooms to sell to local restaurants in some regions. Of course, before you go foraging, it is a great idea to have a book that will identify what you can and CANNOT eat in the wild. You don’t want to go around popping random berries or mushrooms in your mouth as many of these are poisonous. So if this is your new hobby, be sure that you know what you are looking for ahead of time and bring along a book or pictures of the stuff that you can eat. 

These are some of the great ways to enjoy nature and to get outdoors. Once you have tried one or some of them, you’ll realize how fun and exciting they are. Just remember to be safe and enjoy everything that the earth has to offer.