5 Actionable Ways to Prevent Truck Accidents on Highways

With so many trucks on the road today, accidents, unfortunately, can and do occur. Especially with extreme weather conditions, road hazards, and the unpredictability of traffic, truck accidents occur every year resulting in fatalities by the thousands. Accidents that occur between regular vehicles pale in comparison to commercial truck accidents. Because of how heavy and large commercial trucks can be, truck accidents can cause massive damage to property and other vehicles that can result in people getting severely injured, or even worse, they can end up as a truck accident fatality. 

Whenever a truck driver is on the road, they face the likelihood of an accident, so it’s best to be prepared with the right insurance that will cover damages and bodily injuries. In most cases, driving a huge semi-truck is already a big task as it is, so truck drivers already know they need to be cautious due to the sheer size of their vehicle. According to 1800injured.care, experienced attorneys can help truck accident victims seek compensation for their accident, and much more, they know the legal process and assist them in getting their lives and finances back on track. The truth is accidents are sometimes unavoidable, which means they can be unpredictable, but they can also be prevented if the appropriate actions are taken. 

Obeying the Speed Limit

There are speed limit signs on roads for a reason, especially on highways, they are indicators that inform drivers of the recommended speed their vehicle should be moving, while at the same time, they also tell about the speed a driver shouldn’t exceed. We all have somewhere to be, but getting to your destination faster by speeding is a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen. If someone is speeding, whether it be a truck or a passenger vehicle, the likelihood of getting into an accident dramatically increases.

Using Well-Timed Turn Signals

Making any sudden movements with your vehicle without the use of a turn signal can startle the driver behind you or beside you, and this applies to both truck drivers and regular drivers. When you are changing lanes, getting on a ramp, or merging into another section of the road, the use of a turn signal can alert drivers that you are about to switch lanes and this gives ample time for other vehicles to anticipate your vehicle’s movement.

Being Mindful of Weather Conditions

Driving when it’s raining, snowing, or foggy can greatly affect driving conditions. If the weather is very severe, it’s best to be cautious and drive slow so you can arrive at your destination and avoid a potential accident. Truck drivers know this very well, due to the length of a semi-truck, its stopping distance is greater than that of a passenger vehicle, therefore truck drivers need to be extra cautious of their speed.  

Getting Enough Sleep

You may have heard it before, what’s worse than driving under the influence is driving while sleep-deprived, and the scary part is when a person is deprived of sleep, their brain can shut down all of a sudden and not know it until their vehicle crashes onto a tree by the side of the road. Therefore, for the truck driver that trek thousands of miles each month or for the weary driver of a passenger vehicle, getting enough sleep is a must to have a proper motor function and decision-making ability on the road. A lack of sleep can impair a driver’s judgment and reaction time and it not a good sign. 

Avoiding Road Rage

Occasionally, there are drivers on the road that pose a danger to other drivers, these problem drivers can cause an accident due to their poor or negligent driving. You may be a safe driver, but that doesn’t mean everyone drives the way you do, it’s important to be aware of drivers that are swerving in and out of lanes and that drive aggressively.