5 Basic Software College Student Needs for Online Learning

Online learning is set to be the new normal other than exception. Luckily, developers have been a step ahead providing excellent software to support online learning. There are also excellent homework assistants to help with restate thesis and other academic work online. 


College students will find a lot of software that help with different disciplines and academic activities. Ranging from access to quality reference materials, citation, topic generation, and building bibliographies, the software make learning easier. The software and platforms have received approval from educationists around the world. Here are some of the best software for college students to use during online learning. 

Google Classroom

This is a 5-star platform for online learning. It is completely free for students and schools, offering the best learning materials from all-over the world. It allows a teacher to create a classroom where students get customized materials and lessons on a specific topic. The teacher can issue assignments and provide feedback to learners right on the platform. 

The teacher customizes permissions to students and guardians to streamline class management. It is a simple and interactive platform with numerous free features. When you need to upgrade, the premium package will cost a mere $48. You have access to the best learning materials from renowned scholars around the world. 

Talent MS

It feels like learning in class yet moving at your own pace. It is a platform where teachers can build classes based on individual capability. If you like to take it slow, the platform will adjust to your learning speed. You also discuss your ideas and concerns with peers and teachers on the platform. You do not have to stick to a single teacher. 

It is integrated with analysis tools that gauge your performance and will help you to determine what works for you. Through the data collected, you can determine your working speed and the best approach or materials for your learning. The materials and resources available on the platform are high quality. It allows you to study anytime of the day or night. It is easy to use and flexible when you need to adjust your schedule. 


If you are an Apple user, you must be familiar with the iTunes platform. The -U extension provides all the materials you may need for your studies in any discipline. This is an online library with some of the best and latest learning materials collected from all over the world. It enables you to learn at your convenience while accessing credible learning materials. 

iTunes-U also has a class building aspect that allows you to gather around top tutors to learn. You can enjoy one-on-one chats and review your performance live. The materials are available in text, videos, photos, and other types of documents. The app is free to access by any student. However, it is only accessible on Apple enabled devices. It is easy to use, has an extensive library of materials, and seamless interfaces. 


The original idea was to create a platform where entrepreneurs would sell their online courses. You can imagine the magnitude of materials available to a student on the platform. Teachers also create and brand lessons with specific students in mind. You get to choose the best teacher or learning materials based on the course you are pursuing. 

The materials on Thinkific are vetted by the public. You can check the comments and rating to determine the usefulness of materials shared on the platform. These materials come in the form of videos, text, PDF, and other downloadable formats. It is an intuitive and highly customizable learning platform. You get to create your library using some of the most creatively designed materials. 


It is an advanced platform offering analytics, collaboration, assessment, and instructional tools bringing together creative learning material developers. Teachers and students can create classroom for easier learning or follow-up. You set on a personalized learning journey with all the materials you need. It also allows you to pull materials from other learning platforms. It is one of the most extensive learning platforms in the market today. 

Online learning platforms offer a lot of free features. Even when you have to upgrade to a paid-package, the upgrade will be worth. Visit the best platforms for learning and transform your academic journey.