5 Newborn Essentials for First Time Parents

Being a parent is not an easy task, most especially for first-timers. Building a family requires a strong foundation and great preparation. Things will get challenging, and that is why we’re here to guide you throughout that situation.

Carrying a baby for months was just the first wave. After delivering it, considering what you need to do and what should be your next step.

 Prepare your wallets because below is the list of essentials I prepared for every first-time parent!

Baby Equipment

You probably must have prepared a crib for your baby but if you haven’t, it would be advisable to get something foldable or convertible, same goes with strollers and travel systems. You can look up online and find the perfect baby equipment that would be suitable and convenient for you as a parent. Online shops like https://beautifulbambino.co.uk/ have a wide variety of brands for your baby equipment. 

Baby-proof surroundings

We don’t always have our eyes locked on our baby. We won’t always know what they would hold and do after being gone for at least 5 seconds. Brace yourselves because you are about to make your whole house baby-proof.

Do a sweep around your house regularly and remove anything sharp that a baby may play with or even accidentally sit on. Adding cushions or foams around the house should do it. Also, make sure that you regularly clean your house because the baby needs to have a clean environment. Their coughs and sneezes may be because you haven’t cleaned your dusty living room!

Baby’s Sanitation

It is a necessity to have diapers, wipes, creams, powders, and other things you think your baby may need. A Baby’s skin is very sensitive and should always be in good care. As a parent, you should always be ready at times they randomly drop their bombs or pee in their diapers.

Babies usually have rashes because of their diapers that’s why applying cream is a must. Diaper cream helps avoid further irritation that will make your baby uncomfortable.


As mentioned, babies are very sensitive. They may catch viruses from unsanitized rooms or corners. We will never know what they feel because they cannot talk. So, it is up to you, as a parent to make sure you check your baby’s health once in a while by checking temperature using a forehead or ear thermometer and observing their appetite. Prepare medicines and stack them inside your house even before they get sick.

While there’s an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have to make sure that babies are less in contact with people as much as possible. We’ll never know who holds a virus but one thing’s for sure, It would be dangerous for a baby to catch that contagious disease.

Food for the baby 

Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your ne­wly born baby. The mom needs to take good care of her body, specifically her breast because it’s an inevitable source of food for the baby.

Although there’s a chance breastfeed might not have enough vitamin D for your baby, you can ask your baby’s doctor for vitamin D supplements for the baby.

 You have the option to use breast pumps. They are a reliable tool that can help you collect milk from your breast and store it in containers to be used afterward.

For some, breastfeeding isn’t an option. Another way to feed your baby is through using infant formula.

As a first-time parent, you’re new to these big responsibilities. I’m pretty sure there will be times that tiredness will get ahead of you, so it’s also important to have someone that can help you look after your baby while you rest. It may be a partner or someone you trust. But who knows? Maybe you can pull it off on your own now that you know the newborn essentials for the first-time parents. Good luck on your journey!