5 Things to Inspect Before You Renovate Your House

Home renovations are among the most exciting activities you can do after you have had your home for a number of years. Many people will relocate altogether to find a home that suits them better. Yet, if your home is situated in a location that is suitable for your entire family and you have become friends with your neighbors, then moving to a new location will prove to be a great hassle. Instead, you can completely renovate your home from A-Z and spruce it up and customize it with more modern furniture and decorations. If you are not renting your home, then you can change up the rooms by knocking down some walls and creating bigger rooms if you wish. Yet, before you can go ahead and do the exciting part of renovating your home, there are a few things you will need to inspect before you start.


The first thing most people check for before renovating their homes, or at least every once in a while, is infestation or mold. There are a few signs that you should be on the lookout for since they live behind the walls and may be difficult to spot. The first sign is that you can hear tapping in your walls. Tapping can indicate an infestation of termites as they bang a little against the wall to get through the wood. Another sign is that you constantly find scales around your home, which is an indication of termite reproduction. If you can also find small brown pellets around your home that will most likely be a sign of termite droppings. Infestations will make it really difficult for you to actually get any renovations done, so look for the signs or ask for a company to come to do a home inspection first.

Leaky Pipes & Plumbing

Leaky pipes not only cause damage to your home, but they can cost a fortune to fix. . You will need to inspect leaky pipes so that you do not go through the process of renovating your home then having to halt renovations or redo them in order to access the pipes. There are two types of pipes; a plumbing pipe and a draining pipe. Plumbing pipes carry water into your home and drainage pipes, as you may have guessed, take the water out of your home. The US Environmental Protection Agency states that there are over a trillion gallons of water misdirected and wasted each year due to leaky pipes. They may not make a lot of noise or sound, given that they may be little droplets of water, but with time it leads to several gallons. According to the plumbing masters of https://allserviceplumbers.com/los-alamitos/, not all plumbing issues are the same. Some houses require more work than others and can be detected through electronic leak detection which usually takes little to no time.

Peeling and Cracks  

Always inspect any peeling or cracks to determine whether they are because of termites or just old paint. Color brightens up your room and makes it more vibrant, even if it is just white. The cleanliness of a white room will make it livelier and make your home seem roomier. If it is peeling or cracking because of old paint, then consider repainting your entire home with several coats in order to avoid going through this process in a few year’s time. Termites can also be a factor as the moisture from their hive seeps through the wood and cracks and creates bubbles in the paint. Other factors include a leaky pipe that also creates moisture and seeps through the wood and onto the paint itself.


Inspecting drains can also save you a fortune in the long run, as sometimes they near getting clogged or damaged. So, a video inspection will save you some time and money. This kind of inspection will help you maintain your home’s condition and keep it intact and safe from sewer issues.


The foundation of most houses can remain secure if it is generally checked on. But if the foundation is also wood, then be sure to inspect if any possible termites or roaches are living underneath your home. If there are foundation cracks, the foundation is settling or sinking, doors that do not properly open and close, and uneven floors then there are all reasons to get a foundation inspection to save you a fortune.

Inspecting your home, whether you are renovating or not, is crucial to your family’s safety as infestations can sometimes occur due to insects and termites that can be unseen or unheard. It will also cost you some money to inspect but will definitely cost you more to redo a part of your home that breaks down due to negligence.