5 Tips And Tricks To Stay Comfortably Cool During A Desert Hiking

Travelers and deserts always have a love bond because of the beauty of deserts. It’s always fascinating seeing the sunlight toasting the skin and hearing the calming sound of the desert’s wind. If you haven’t explored the desert yet, and you think it’s a barren land that isn’t worthy of your attention, you better revisit your opinion.

Here’s how to keep cool while hiking in the desert:

Time It To Perfection 

When it comes to hiking in the desert, timing is one of the main factors that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Early morning is undoubtedly the best possible time to kick off hiking. It’s always pleasing and soothing to see the sun setting. One can also choose nighttime for the trail because the desert is genuinely alive at night with almost minimum wildlife out. 

However, it’s pretty hard to navigate at night, so make sure you go hiking with a lot of friends along with a torchlight or a lamp. There is no way you can keep your cool if you try to hike in the middle of the day because the weather will be too hot to handle. 

Choose Your Clothing Carefully

Can you even imagine exploring a desert with a tight pair of jeans and an office shirt? Surely not. Make sure you wear light clothes when you hike in the middle of the day to avoid excessive sweat production. A hat is a good option when it comes to desert hiking because the sun will be on you almost every time, and a hat can help you deal with sun rays. 

One more thing – choose light-colored clothing because they can easily reflect sun rays. However, the temperature of a desert falls significantly in the evening, so you need to have clothes that can make you feel comfortable in the cool breeze. 

Go With A Portable Neck Fan 

Even if you time your hiking to perfection, you can expect any sort of weather in a desert. This is why having a portable fan can save your day in the middle of hiking. Whenever you feel weather severity in terms of heat, wear a portable fan in your neck to stay cool.

One thing about the desert is that you cannot predict the weather and imagine what will happen if the wind stops blowing? Having a portable fan can make you stress-free because you don’t have to carry them with your hands. No matter how hot the weather is, a portable fan will be more than handy to keep your cool in the middle of a desert hiking. 

Stay Hydrated

Water will be needed whether you are going to a desert or a mountain hike. First of all, make sure you drink plenty of water before starting your hike (approximately 1 liter of water is recommended on a hot sunny day.) Secondly, it is not less than a compulsion to bring your own water bottle or cooler to keep yourself hydrated throughout the trail. Most people only drink water during hiking when they feel thirsty, and that’s the worst possible thing one can do. 

Warning: Many hikers face dehydration when they choose a desert trail. One of the best ways to prevent dehydration is to go hiking with a good enough amount of water. As you are hiking in the desert, your electrolytes are decreasing with every passing second. 

Eat Small Meal More Often 

No matter where you are hiking, you are suggested to take small meals after short intervals. Deserts are one of the hottest hiking options, which is why you should eat small meals more often in hot weather. Do you know the science behind it? No? Let us explain it to you. Eating after short intervals can keep the body’s energy level up, and it also takes less time to digest small meals. 

On the other hand, eating a large meal can significantly increase your body’s metabolic rate, which isn’t a positive sign for hikers. And your body will take more time to digest foods. So, make a habit of eating small meals whenever you go desert hiking. 

Travel enthusiasts know hiking is fun-loving with a lot of health benefits if planned perfectly. No matter how much you love to hike, you need to carry certain things to make your journey hassle-free. We hope we have managed to help you understand how to keep your cool during a hike. Follow the aforementioned tips, and you will be able to go hiking like never before. Phew!