5 Tips for Bringing Baby to Stars and Strollers Movies

There’s something about being able to see the latest movies out on the big screen, in the middle of the day, when you’re searching for something to do with baby (and a way to get out of the house as a new Mom or Dad).

Stars and Strollers has two new screenings, every week, where you can stay up to date on the latest movies, and get $2 off of the regular admission price. You can enjoy the theater in a quieter, brighter environment where you can spend two hours escaping into the latest releases, while babies and toddlers mull about.

5 Tips for Bringing Babies + Toddlers to Stars and Strollers 

What ages can you bring? We recommend bringing newborns to toddlers, newly walking. Newborns and infants are easy, as they can simply nurse or snuggle through the show, sleeping away, where toddlers learning to walk can walk up and down, up and down, on those movie theater stairs (especially more fun when you meet a friend).

Bring a baby-toddler friendly snack. There are snacks there, but we usually bring along something more baby and toddler friendly than the popcorn available at the concession. If you’re going with toddlers, we like to bring along a little blanket so they can ‘picnic’ if you’re watching a kid-friendly movie.

Plan ahead. Check out what movies are playing using the schedule, here. Plan ahead for the movies that you want to experience, and choose your movie date. If you want to save even more, you can use movie passes from Costco for the screening, or Scene points.

Bring a friend. For toddlers that are coming to the movies, bring a friend. This way, the toddlers can have someone to play with, explore the stairs with, without worrying whether there are going to be other children there, the same age as them.

Bring a Blanket. Sitting near the front and placing a blanket on the floor, to have a movie date picnic, is one of the best ways that we’ve entertained the little ones. This way, the baby or toddler can have somewhere to play, that’s not on the movie carpet, and you can have a ‘home base’ for snacks and a few small toys that you brought along to help entertain. We’re not above bringing along the ipad, for some screen time – just make sure you bring headphones for the kids using them.

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