6 Kid-Pleasing Edmonton Food Trucks You Need to Try This Summer

Food is more fun when you can eat it with your hands, and eat it from a truck. We’re half way through trying every food truck in the city and have found some that are suitable for even the most picky of child eaters. Whether you’re browsing the Farmer’s Market or following the Streetfood App to find Food Truck hours and locations, you’re going to want to give these Edmonton food trucks a try.

Bully Food Truck | Our weekly dinner staple at the Southwest Edmonton Farmer’s Market at Terwillegar Rec Centre, you will find the truck there on Wednesdays, and various other locations around the city through the rest of the week. The mac and cheese has six different kinds of cheese, and sometimes, you’ll find it smothered in meatballs. The mac and cheese is always a kid-pleaser, and worth tracking down the truck.

La Poutine | What kid doesn’t love fries smothered in gravy? You can get the delicious traditional version for the kids, and maybe try something new for the adults in the group – like the Supreme. It’s one of those snacks (or meals) that’s going to please, and you can find the food truck roving around downtown, or the restaurant, in Garneau.

Molly’s Eats | The Mac Melt, the sandwich with delicious mac and cheese inside, and the delicious sweet treats you’ll find to go with these delicious meals – those are the two of the reasons your kids are going to love it (and you’re not going to want to share). Tip: grab some fries to go with the delicious sandwich – and find the truck at Miller Crossing Farmer’s Market.

Scoop N Roll | Ready for dessert? Come try out this delicious take on ice cream in Edmonton. It’s a new way of serving it, scooped not rolled. The delicious and fresh flavours are worth the wait, and kids are going to love watching their ice cream come to life. Go early, before the lines!

Meat Street Pies | Kids love eating with their hands (and let’s face it, so do we), so ours love eating a meat pie from Meat Street Pies. Their favourite? The beef, and chicken. They’re undecided between the two. Flaky pastry, filling that’s full of flavour and food you can eat with your hands – you’re going to want to try this kid-pleaser.

Cafe Bel Air | Delicious popsicles, fresh and in-season ingredients and you can find them at Farmer’s Markets throughout the city, making it easy to get your hands on those delicious ice pops that are going to please you, as well as the kids.

What are some of your favourite food trucks (with food the kids will eat) in Edmonton?


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