6 Reasons Rookies Lose Money at The Poker Table

6 Reasons Rookies Lose Money at The Poker Table

You can lose money playing at the poker table in a new online casino in Canada as a rookie due to many reasons. Except you are playing poker online for free, there is a high chance of losing money as a novice. This guide will discuss why rookies lose money at the poker table.

1. Lack of Enough Knowledge of the Game

Poker requires skills and techniques, so experienced players have the upper hand in winning a gambling round. Expert gamblers that have spent countless hours honing their skills make beginners look clueless in a gaming round due to their knowledge. Being a beginner means you are new to it and lack enough exposure and experience. It is a significant reason beginners lose money at the game. While having a primary understanding of it is a good start for any beginner, it will only put you out of trouble. It’s not enough to help you win bets. However, this is not to say that you cannot win, but that may happen due to a stroke of luck or gambling with inexperienced people.

As a rookie losing a poker game is almost inevitable, you have to keep playing to gather experience and exposure. Enhancing your skills, techniques, and knowledge of the poker game through consistent practice will help you win many future rounds.

2. Beginners Often Go on Tilt

Tilt is a state of emotional confusion or mental frustration, which leads to gambling with a less optimal strategy. Rounds played with a less optimal strategy have an unfavourable outcome. When gamblers perceive that their betting outcomes translate into a loss, they can become aggressive. Many novices fall into such a category because of their inexperience. Rookies often go on tilt because of their limited skills. When in tilt, they bet aggressively, which leads to them losing money.

3. They Never Think Ahead

Perhaps the eagerness or excitement of a potential win makes rookies jump into a game without a plan. This critical flaw leads to losing money at a betting round. Experts can win their betting rounds because they are always three or more steps ahead. They envisage their opponents’ possible moves and plan their moves accordingly. Many rookies act on a whim, which brands them as inexperienced. Veterans are different because they make strategic decisions. If you want to leave the rookie box and become better at poker games, you need to cultivate the habit of thinking ahead.

4. Failing to Get Past the Initial Variance

Variance in a poker game is known as poker downswings. Simply put, it’s the lousy luck period that every player has to go through in a gambling round. It’s what makes the game what it is and increases its competition. Variance makes it profitable and supports skills over pure luck. Every gambler must go through a variance to help them win in the long run. Rookies lose money because they fail to go past the initial variance and stop betting altogether. Sometimes, beginners don’t make a comeback from a variance due to their limited skills.

5. Bluffing Too Much

Rookies will always be rookies, which means they exhibit immature sportsmanship. Many beginners believe they are better at the game due to poor competition. Since they have gambled against inexperienced players like themselves and have won consistently, they think they are experts. It causes them to brag and bluff about their abilities. When they meet real game masters, they show overconfidence and bluff too much. These game masters show them who the real bosses are, and while at it, these rookies lose money.

Bluffing can be advantageous for a gambler if done with strategy and only by skilled and veteran gamblers. However, bluffing too much can be disastrous, especially for a novice with limited knowledge and experience.

6. Playing Out of Position

Playing out of position signifies that you act first in a betting round. In that betting round, you are out of position on any player that bets after you. It would help if you didn’t bet out of position as a beginner with limited exposure and experience at the poker table. It would be best if you had the extra advantage of knowing your opponent’s hands to help you act. Many rookies that bet out of position lose because of their limited skills.

Rather than bet out of position, it’s best to play in position. Playing in position means you are the last to act, as it affords you to learn all opponents’ moves before placing your bet. If you are a rookie and have been bravely playing out of position, it’s time to stop.


As an inexperienced gambler, losing money may seem inevitable. However, if you can work on the above reasons, you can start earning like the experts. Visit the best poker sites in Canada to practise playing poker games. With that, you can move from a novice to a veteran.