6 Secrets of Perfect College Admission Essay

For years, you’ve been preparing your child to go to college. You’ve done all you could from helping with homework and exams and extracurricular activities to buying SAT prep books.

Now, it’s time to go over college options. Applying to an institute of higher education involves writing a college admission essay, which is often challenging for many students. How can you help your child get through that stage?

Admission essays play a crucial role in the admission process since colleges use them to get to know their prospective students better. What’s more, while it’s possible to use other people’s ideas and essay help services, be it US or Canada essay writing service, for inspiration, it’s ultimately up to each individual student to write an essay with a personal touch.

Here’s what you can do to prepare your child to overcome the writer’s block and compose a winning college application essay like a professional essay writer.

Understand the Purpose of College Admission Essays

In addition to SAT scores, colleges use “soft criteria” like application essays to judge thousands of applicants. They get personal information through these essays to see how candidates can contribute to their colleges, how they think, and what backgrounds they come from.

Colleges ask students to write essays about their backgrounds, values, characters, and experiences. These essays highlight how students can align with the culture of the colleges.

Here are some typical prompts colleges ask students to write about:

  • Obstacles, setbacks, challenges, or failures they have experienced throughout their lives
  • Something that led to their personal growth
  • Their interests
  • A topic of their choice

Most prompts are about mundane topics, but you can take a different approach and look at things from a different angle. For example, rather than writing an essay based on the prompt, encourage your child to write what matters to him or her, and then choose the best prompt that fits it.

Help Them Find their Topic

This is perhaps the most challenging part of the process. Students might have many different topic ideas to write about, which could be confusing. Help them brainstorm ideas and jot down anything that comes up. You might be able to help them take a walk down the memory lane and remember experiences, events, or challenges they have forgotten.

Encourage them to write anything that comes to mind. Then, they should be able to extract the ones that are meaningful and can be integrated into a whole. Creative writing services recommend this process of brainstorming for any writing activity.

Develop Specific Ideas

This is where a memorable college admission essay can take shape. Admission readers are looking for unique details that distinguish each student. General life stories don’t count as ideas that strike the reader as unique.

Ask your child what they want to write about. Then, to help them get specific, ask detailed questions about it. 

For example, suppose they want to write about the death of their grandmother. Ask them how they felt, why they felt so, how it affected their life, and so on.

These questions give the essay a specific direction, make it detailed just the way the readers want and prevent it from getting lost in the shuffle.

Create the Structure of the Essay

Your child should be able to take care of the paper organization. They have already learned that any essay should have a cohesive structure involving a thesis statement, introduction, body, and conclusion. The ideas should run smoothly. An essay service can help at this point to make sure the final product is well-crafted.

In addition to the structure, the tone and style of the essay are what can make it unique. Encourage your child to be creative and find their unique voice. They don’t need to be totally formal just because they’re writing to big people. Even being funny from time to time, adding an element of surprise or showing off skills, can help the essay stand out.

There’s no need to use sophisticated, lofty, or literary language. As long as proper grammar and spelling are taken care of, it’s ok to write based on idiosyncratic features of style.

And of course, the most critical part of the essay is the first sentence. Beating around the bush to set the scene won’t help. The first sentence works like a hook that gives the reader a reason to continue.

Include Information About the College

It’s also a good idea to show enthusiasm about joining that specific college by mentioning some information about it. Do some research about it or even visit the college with your child to see what it has to offer. Then, encourage them to include the information if it’s relevant. This way, the admission reader will be convinced that the student is serious about going to that college.

Don’t forget to proofread

After your child has finished the essay and checked it with online proofreading tools, you can do the final check for them. Make sure it’s free of any grammatical or spelling errors. Professional online writing services can also help to make sure the essay is mistake-free.

Helping your children get college admission essays right can be quite a complicated task. But you don’t need to, and shouldn’t, do everything for them. All you need to do is to guide them through the process and make sure they can express their uniqueness through that essay.

By helping them come up with and organize ideas, you’ll make sure that your child receives the support they need.