6 STEM Toys Your Toddler is Going to Play with Over and Over

We struggle in our house with toys to buy for the kids – we try to ensure that the toys we bring into the house are going to be educational but still fun, and that the toys are going to be used for more than just a few months.

TEGU Blocks

TEGU Magnetic Blocks are a great introduction to Magnet toys for toddlers. These blocks can be used to create monsters, houses, castles and structures and the kits are interchangable with one another, meaning kids can create an endless collection (because the blocks are a little on the splurgy-side).

Little Tikes Tornado Tower

Little Tikes Wonderlab brings about a hands on toy with the Tornado Tower. Math and science are taught in a fun way with the tornado tower, where they can stir up some fun. Kids can create a tornado in a bottle and create experiment after experiment in the fun kit. In total, there are four experiments that preschoolers can create, using ingredients found around the house.

Little Tikes Wonderlab

Toddlers and preschoolers can create twenty experiments with the Little Tikes Wonderlab. It includes twenty accessories and 40 interactive sounds highlighting STEM experiments in an age appropriate introduction. The best part is the fact that all of the experiments use items that you’ve already got in the home. The Wonderlab is easily cleaned up, with a tray that can be removed when the experiments have been finished for the day.


Magformers are similar to TEGU blocks in the fact that kids can learn about the directionality of magnets and fitting the pieces together, but instead of traditional blocks the shapes are designed in traditional shapes that can be assembled together. Multuple kits and types of Magformers are available, from introductory sets to log cabin and robotic kits. For toddlers, we love this ‘My first 30-piece pastel building set’.

Code a Pillar

Kids can experiment as they play, developing their criticl thinking skills as they play. The Code-a-Pillar. Kids can connect the segments and create endless combinations using different combinations to make the toy move in different directions.

This unique caterpillar learning toy encourages kids to experiment as they play, helping them to develop problem-solving, planning & sequencing and critical thinking skills.

Just Add Water Insta-Snow

Science experiments and faux snow – just add water insta-snow absorbs up to 100x its weight in water and creates snow that’s perfect for science experiments for toddlers.