7 Benefits of Sauna Therapy

Modern wellness is a multi-faceted beast. With tons of lotions, potions, and fad diets it can be difficult for the discerning consumer to choose what will be worth their time, and what will be a waste of their energy and cash. One of the best gifts you can give to yourself is an opportunity for full-body health and recovery. A centuries-old favorite, sauna therapy is a well tested and trusted method for improving your mental and physical health. Sweat and tranquility inducing, a sauna can benefit the human body in a number of ways. Whether you count yourself as an athlete, wellness guru, skincare junkie, or simply someone trying to escape a rigorous and demanding routine- sauna therapy can offer something for everyone.

1. Physical Recovery

Sore from going a little too hard at the gym? There’s not an app for that, but a sauna session can do wonders for sore or recovering muscles and joints. With body temperature rising due to the extreme heat, blood vessels dilate and blood starts to circulate- in turn speeding up the body’s natural healing process. Plus, after sports or strenuous activity saunas can aid with any tension in your muscles and also work to eliminate lactic acid. Talk about a serious relief!

2. Flush Toxins

Each day, the body is exposed to a laundry list of free radicals, pollutants, and additives contained in food. Though we have naturally occurring processes to rid ourselves of most toxins and chemicals, some are not in use all of the time. In fact, some of the body’s most effective techniques for toxin removal require a little kickstart- take sweating, for example. The average individual does not sweat- and specifically does not sweat significantly- every day. In a sauna, the sweat glands are sent into overdrive and a deep sweat, a process that helps many known metals and toxins from our body, is activated. 

3. Improve Brain Health

Here’s one you may not have thought of- a sauna a day keeps the brain doctor away. Based on multiple studies done in Finland, there is reason to believe that regular sauna use may lower your risk for both Alzheimer’s and dementia. Increased blood flow, as well as improved circulation, are noted to be some of the key drivers of this positive discovery. If you can remember to hop in the sauna, you may just save your memory in the long term.

4. Heal Wounds

The term “do it all” takes on a whole new meaning with sauna therapy, and the proof is in the healing. Not only do saunas soothe all sorts of ailments, but they can also actually aid in the healing of cuts and scrapes. The super sauna sages at Neosauna.com recommend infrared light for optimal benefits. When used in saunas, this type of light can actually promote the growth of human tissue and quicken the natural process of cell regeneration. Who knew you could be helping your body so much while doing virtually nothing?

5. Fight Illness

Whether you’re feeling a tickle in your throat or experiencing lung or sinus congestion, saunas can help get you feeling fit as a fiddle in no time. Immersing yourself in heat and sweat is known to help the body produce white blood cells more rapidly. As you might recall from biology class, white blood cells are a natural line of defense against infections and viruses. Not only that, but increased temperature and steam can loosen mucus and reduce congestion.

6. Reduce Stress

An amazing side effect of sauna therapy can also be considered one of the best benefits- and that is stress reduction. The act of taking time for yourself and chilling out is relaxing in itself, but saunas boost the benefit by lowering cortisol levels and regulating blood pressure. Not to mention infrared light helps to fully oxygenate your cells and stimulate the circulatory system, helping your feel as good as possible. Your body will be physically relieved and your mind will be beyond blissed out- a total win-win. 

7. Have Fun

There is something to be said about letting go and enjoying yourself, and one of the easiest and most obvious benefits a sauna can provide is just that- fun! The experience of sauna therapy can help you by diverting you from your usual routine, as well as enveloping you in a new and happiness-inducing setting. Whether you’re enjoying solitude or surrounded by pals, you’re bound to have a good time. This isn’t just speculative either- it’s chemical. While inside a space with such high temperatures, the body releases endorphins (the happiness chemical). By utilizing sauna therapy, you can simultaneously boost your body temperature and your spirits.

You’ve heard it here, and probably not first, saunas are your new health-conscious best friends. A heated room getting you sweaty and hot in the best ways, often emitting infrared wavelengths that add a whole wack of health benefits… what’s not to like? Combining ancient and modern technologies, sauna therapy can offer relief and improvements to almost every aspect of your health. With little to no work required on the therapy-seekers end, it seems like a no brainer. If you haven’t considered it before, now might be the time to do something amazing for your body, mind, and soul and try a sauna session stat!