7 Effective Ways To Make Money Through Blogging In 2021

A blogger’s lifestyle, who wouldn’t want it?! Taking out your laptop as you have your first cup of coffee in bed and spending some hours getting those words down. Or perhaps you work a 9-5 corporate and are hoping to take your blogging full-time this year. Maybe even more likely, you would like to earn some extra bucks to help pay the bills – or cover some luxury expenses! 

For whichever reason you are here, one thing is clear: you love writing, and you want to give it your best shot at making the dream a financial reality. Blogging is no easy task, but clearly, the people who manage and write for the 600 million blogs on the internet right now feel it’s worth it! If you do too (but you need some help getting your blog to earn you more money this year), here are some effective ways blogging can bring you cash.

Capitalize on affiliate marketing

One of the first ways that bloggers create income is through affiliate marketing. These programs, offered by stores like Amazon or Commission Junction, allow you to promote selected products or services. Of course these should be relevant to your blogging audience, offering readers access to unique or new products they would be interested in.

Importantly, once your affiliate links are up on your website, you will need to manage and track insights with a WordPress plugin or tool. Every time a user from your site clicks on the affiliate link, you will receive a commission from the sale.

Run ads through your site

New digital tools are making it possible to earn an income each time someone clicks on an ad run through your blog. Instead of being paid for the impressions from website users, CPC ads will pay you a “Cost per Click.” If you’re not sure how to get started with this easy income stream, head to Google Adsense or Media.net to access a large pool of advertisers that are waiting for you to advertise through your page.

Create a members-only content area

With access to membership plugins, like WordPress, the value of your blog will increase with the addition of a restricted area. Not only is the idea of private content very intriguing and likely to generate more interest in your blog, but you can easily create recurring revenue through occurring monthly subscriptions.

Offer a private forum

Linked to a paid members area on your blog, you can also start a private forum. Though it will take time to build a community that engages in interesting topics or conversations, forums are an excellent way to drive engagement and create hype around “hot” questions. You could invite members to share personal stories or even spotlight members’ businesses. Everyone appreciated the space for self-promotion, so this will be a clever way for your forum to be where the chat is happening!

Sell digital products from your blog site

This is an extremely popular one but hugely beneficial for both parties. Some of the digital products you can choose to sell via your blog are eBooks or online courses. MemberPress provides a course builder which is built-in into the platform; otherwise, there are also non-WordPress options to look into.

Many sites are now offering free and paid courses, with the new age of online learning making it more accessible than ever before to consume essential knowledge from your laptop! If your blog sites are personal businesses, selling your own product – like what Jon from fatstacksblog.com is making an incredible living doing – is the perfect way to offer blog visitors direct access to the knowledge that makes your blog successful. In this way, you can create a personal interest in yourself and drive visitors to become more involved in your platforms’ offerings, such as an upcoming webinar.

Host a paid webinar or workshop

Until now, there have never been more specialists offering webinars or online workshops. But now that the world has opened to at-home learning, live video training has become incredibly popular. There are many benefits to hosting online workshops, but

One of the biggest benefits of hosting online workshops is that whether there are 5 or 50 people, your preparation will not increase with more sign-ups.

Online consulting

After some new followers have seen your content through a webinar, they will be much more likely to contact you personally for consulting work. Position yourself as a consultant on your site very clear and depending on your field of expertise, you can offer various services to clients. You could offer training to those who want to learn what you do or even offer your expertise in production or design. Whichever your background, there are clients waiting to get their hands on your skills and content!