7 Ideas for Couples Visiting Alberta this Spring

Couples who want to have a nice, relaxing spring break but don’t want to go somewhere extremely hot, will love Alberta in the spring! The weather in this Canadian province is gentle at this time of the year. Not too cold, not too hot. Not to mention there are a lot of mesmerizing things to see there! Pack your bag and get ready with us for an unforgettable couple’s spring vacation.

Banff Springs Hotel from far away in the suns

1. For some spooky romance: Banff Springs Hotel

The Banff Springs Hotel is not only impressive and stands grandly on the side of Rocky Mountain, but it also has secrets that make it perfect for those couples who are into horror stories. You can find the 19th-century hotel in Alberta’s most famous national park: Banff National Park.

Urban legend says that this hotel is full of lost souls. Even the staff claim that certain rooms are haunted in this place. For example, there is a mystery around the missing Room 873, which disappeared from the 8th floor. However, it is clear to everyone that there was a room before because you can see traces of the door on the hallway wall. According to one version of the story, a family comprising of a father, mother, and a little girl once stayed in Room 873 several years ago. Unfortunately, one night the father became deranged…

The truth is that Room 875 was expanded, so it is now put together with Room 873.

Whether the haunting story – as you can read it here – is true or not, Banff Springs Hotel has its name for it. We only recommend staying here, if both of you love spooky stories and unsolved mysteries. You will certainly have to hold each other tightly there!

If you plan to stay in Banff National Park but are afraid of haunted castles, you can check out cozycozy.com to book a hotel in Banff.

Couple enjoying the view in Alberta

2. For active couples: hiking

For an active spring break you should go outside and enjoy everything that nature has to offer you in Alberta! The main attractions of this province are definitely stunning national parks with magnificent mountains and peaceful lakes.

Banff National Park

The most famous national park – which gives a home to the above-mentioned Banff Springs Hotel – is Canada’s largest and most visited one. You can organize a romantic but tiring hike here, visit the spas or take a night walk along the shores of crystal-clear lakes.

Lake Waterton National Park

This national park is located in the southern part of Alberta and offers stunning views of the mountains and the lake. There are plenty of hiking trails in the park, as well as boat trips around the lake.

Moraine Lake

This lake is one of the most amazing places in the Canadian Rocky Mountains that attracts visitors with its turquoise water and beautiful surroundings. There are many hiking trails along the shore that you will never forget. Make sure that you make a lot of couples photos for the family album!

Lake Louise

This is a magnificent lake with crystal clear water, formed by the melting of ancient ice caps. There are many hotels and restaurants around the lake, which are perfect for relaxation.

Jasper National Park

This national park is the largest in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and offers breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. The park has the largest ice fields in the world and many species of animals such as bears, roe deer, and wolves.

3. For some urban adventure: Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and is well-known for its captivating attractions. The city offers a mix of contemporary and traditional activities that cater to visitors of all ages. One popular attraction in Calgary is the Calgary Tower, which is an iconic landmark that stands at 190 meters tall.

Visitors can take a high-speed elevator to the observation deck on the top floor, which offers a beautiful view of the city’s skyline and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. The tower also houses a revolving restaurant that serves delicious food and provides an unforgettable dining experience. In addition, the tower features a glass floor, which allows visitors to look straight down to the streets below.

The city is home to Calgary Zoo and Heritage Park Historical Village as well where you can learn about the lifestyle of Calgary’s ancestors.

4. For forever children couples: Dinosaur Provincial Park

This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated a two-hour drive east of Calgary. The park’s astonishing terrain comprises towering hoodoos, winding canyons, and vast prairies that hold a wealth of geological history.

Visitors can choose to join a guided tour or take part in a paleontology program, both of which offer a fascinating glimpse into the park’s prehistoric past, providing a window into life on Earth millions of years ago. It is certainly perfect for Jurassic Park enthusiast couples!