7 Printables if Your Kid is Having Trouble Learning New Words

Children grow by learning. Their brain development doesn’t just depend on what they eat but also on the things they learn and how much physical activity they get. 

However, sometimes you may find your kid having trouble learning new words or can’t find the right words to say. It can be due to a developmental delay, autism, or casual occurrence, as all kids aren’t born with the same abilities. 

There are several ways you can help your kid learn new words, one of which is practicing with printables. Here’s a list of ideas for seven printables if your kid has difficulty learning new words.

  1. Word-Puzzle Worksheets

Word puzzles are one of the best brain workouts you can give kids. There are a few difficulty levels based on how much someone has mastered the words or the categories, making it one of the perfect worksheets for your kids if they’re having trouble learning new words.

Some categories for these word puzzles include names of states, countries in a particular continent, names of festivals, types of animals or fish, etc. Your baby won’t just learn new words but will also gain a range of knowledge regarding, for example, geography, animal kingdom, history, etc.

Making them practice the same worksheet a few times can help them get familiar with new words. This page has a great collection of such word puzzles if you want to print out such worksheets. You can also practice these if you’re aiming to expand your knowledge. 

  1. Matching Images With Words

Little kids mostly learn through visual and other sensory stimulation. Showing them something, telling them what it is, and then asking them to repeat it after you are a great exercise. How about making it printable?

There are a lot of printable exercises for kids, where one column has a list of small images, and the other column has a list of words randomly set up. They can be a great start if your baby has just finished learning the alphabet and has graduated to spelling out words. 

Print a few sheets with different sets of images and words, give your kid a pencil, and let them join pictures with the corresponding words. You’ll see how easily your baby gets a grasp of new words. 

  1. Alphabet Worksheets

Kids won’t be able to learn new words properly if they don’t know how to write the alphabet. This is why you should get them printed alphabet worksheets to get them accustomed to writing out alphabets and words. Besides, writing is directly wired with learning actively.

There are plenty of alphabet worksheets, each with a different alphabet size and practicing method. Start with the worksheets that have big hollow letters with tracing dots. Your kids can trace the letters with a pen and then fill them with colors. A wonderful way to learn to write the alphabet, isn’t it?

Slowly, you can transition to smaller canvases for them to practice writing those letters with tracing dots. They’ll be able to perfectly hold the pencils slowly, and write letters precisely, thus helping them to write and learn new words gradually. 

  1. Printable Coloring Sheets

Here’s an idea for a freehand brain exercise for your baby. Once you’re confident that your kid can write letters and words without being traced before, you can show them a picture and let them write the name of whatever is in the picture. 

You can use coloring sheets for this exercise to make it more fun for your child and get them in the habit of recognizing and using colors at the same time. 

There are tons of printable coloring sheets available online and with various themes. You can print festival-based coloring pictures such as easter coloring sheets, animal coloring sheets, cartoon character coloring sheets, etc. Ask your kid to write under every picture what they think it is; you can spell out the words for them if necessary.

  1. Phonic Printables

What’s the term for the way letters sound in a word and the acoustics associated with them? They are phonetics, which can help us understand why each word sounds the way it does, and how many sounds one letter can carry.

There are printable worksheets based on phonetics. These phonics help kids learn how a word should sound and why. You can print out a phonics worksheet so that your kids can learn the pronunciation of certain words which can help them learn and retain new words and their spellings more easily. 

  1. Vocabulary Worksheets

Do you want to help your kid learn new words and become a young maestro? Then vocabulary worksheets can be the perfect solution for you. These worksheets contain a list of easy words that kids can grasp quickly and build their vocabulary rapidly to a point where they can leave people thoroughly amazed. 

Print out one worksheet at a time and give your kids time to learn them. Make this learning interactive, tell them what each word means, and ask them to make sentences with these words. 

You can also print out worksheets on homophones, synonyms, and antonyms to familiarize them with more words and how each is related. Plenty of such worksheets are available where each word is accompanied by illustrations for better understanding.  

  1. Bingo Printables

Kids with Autism-Spectrum Disorder (ASD) don’t naturally develop social skills but they still need to learn them to sustain and survive like normal human beings in society. If your child has ASDD, then getting them a Bingo printable worksheet can be a great choice. 

A Bingo sheet can be treated as a fun game, and kids challenged with autism enjoy these activities. You can help them learn new words and follow them in order to develop their social skillsets. 

Each Bingo comes with a list of simple activities, some of which involve communicating and interacting with people. Fulfilling these as fun and spontaneous activities will boost your kid’s confidence, allowing them to live as normal of a life as possible.  


Children love learning new things, so take this advantage to teach them words in creative ways if they’re having trouble learning new words. To make things more enjoyable for them, pair these practices with activities, and you’ll see how fast they are learning. We hope you like these ideas for printables to help your kids learn faster and better.