7 Reasons to Study in the UK

In 2019, the UK welcomed more than 500,000 international students into the country to study at one of the 160 universities and higher education institutions located within its borders.

What is it that attracts so many people from all corners of the planet to travel so far to study in UK universities?

Here are 7 reasons based on feedback from international students who have studied in the UK.

  1. Value for Money World Class Education

History is one of the greatest influences that attracts students to the UK. The UKs reputation for academic excellence dates back as far as the 11th century. That’s pretty hard for most countries in the world to compete with.

In addition to that history, the UKs universities have managed to maintain and continue to excel in terms of academic excellence. Collectively, they continue to be leaders in the world of academia.

Most Master’s degrees can be completed within one year in the UK which is shorter than in other countries. This of course creates a huge saving in terms of time and money spent on tuition and accommodation.

The tuition fees in the UK are often much less than in other English-speaking countries like the US or Australia. Many international students can take advantage of a wide range of scholarships that are more readily available in the UK than other countries.

  1. Worldwide recognition of UK Qualifications

It would be rare for someone to query the institution and the quality of education received for a UK qualification. That’s not always the case with qualifications from other countries.

The lofty standards and quality of UK universities means having a UK degree on your CV makes you stand out ahead of other candidates, particularly for jobs outside the UK. It makes employers sit up and take notice. It gives you a competitive advantage in the graduate job market whether it’s in the UK or elsewhere.

A UK degree helps to open doors and will continue to propel your career forward long past your first post-graduation position.

  1. A Great Opportunity to Improve your English Language Skills

As the birthplace of the language and still the second most popular English-speaking destination for international students, studying in the UK enables you to improve your English speaking, writing and comprehension skills.

If your English is poor, most universities offer courses to improve your English to the standard needed for undergraduate degrees.

While some international students will be tempted to find a group of students from their home country to befriend and continue speaking their own language as much as possible, this would be a big mistake.

By immersing yourself as much as possible in UK life, your English will improve far more quickly than anything you can learn in a classroom. Getting a part-time job, or joining a sports club is a fantastic way to be around English-speaking people where you have no choice but to better understand the language.

Even better would be living with a UK family during your studies where English is the only language spoken.

The better your English skills the better and wider your job options upon graduation, particularly if you intend to find work in the UK or another English-speaking country.

  1. Part-time Work

International students can work up to 20 hours/week during term-time and full time during the university breaks.

Being involved in the workforce enables you to immerse yourself into UK life and culture.

  1. Affordable Cost of Living

Living in the UK is less expensive than many other countries, particularly if you study outside the main centers. Student discounts are widespread and can help you stay within your budget.

  1. Thriving Student Communities

With so many international students in the UK, almost every university has a large number of international students facing the same problems as you. Don’t be surprised to leave university with friends from every continent on the planet.

  1. The opportunity to explore the UK and Europe

During weekends and term breaks, there are so many travel destinations within easy access. It’s just a short flight to the main European destinations, and the UK has plenty of history, landscapes, sporting and cultural events. 

Some travel destinations will be more expensive than others, but there is something for every budget. Again, student discounts can come in handy.

Student life in the UK can be some of the best years of your life.