7 Tech Tips To Help You Remember Anything

At some point in your adult life, you’re going to start being forgetful about things. And it might be random things that you end up remembering a week later, or important things that you just thought you had to do literally a minute ago. 

Either way, it’s not fun, and it can really slow down your day and your progress, and become a really serious situation if you don’t take action. This is why we’re going to provide you with 7 of the most effective tech tips that will help you stay organized in your thoughts and never have to worry about forgetting anything again. 

To-Do Lists

Just like you had a to-do list notebook that you’d put in your bag, we now have them as apps to use on our phones. But the apps are better by miles. First of all, you always have your phone on you, and we tend to always forget our notebooks when we switch bags or because we left it at home. With to-do list apps, you get constant reminders. When you tick something off, it disappears, so that you’re not confused or have to double-check. 


Because we spend the majority of our time on our devices, we often find information that we want to use later on for something important. So depending on what operating system you use, there are ways for you to simply take a screenshot and save it for later. If you own a device that is iOS, then there are actually a couple of ways that you can take a screenshot on a Mac that is quick and easy. Make sure that you do a bit of research if you’re not familiar with shortcuts because they’ll make your life so much easier. 


Another way that tech has made life so much easier when it comes to remembering things is by using the calendar apps. If you need reminders for a week or month in advance, then you can use your calendar and set up reminders. You even have control of how many times the alarm goes off and what kind of pop up comes up on your screen so that the reminder is clear.

AI Assistance

Both operating systems have their versions of AI assistance, and they’re only getting better with every passing year. Currently, you can speak to your AI and ask it to remember something for you. At any time, you can ask it for this information and it will bring it up, no matter how long ago you provided it. You can also ask it to create a reminder for you at a specific time. This is super convenient if you don’t have time to type or something comes to your mind in a rush. 

Locations & Maps

If you have difficulty remembering directions or find yourself trying to get somewhere you’ve never been to before, tech has made our lives so much easier. There are map applications that find locations and also give you possible routes. They also assess the traffic in real-time and work out the best route for you to take to avoid traffic. People can send you their exact locations as well and you can find out without having to talk for ages on the phone and getting confused as you drive.

Post-it Notes

Remember how, back in the day, we would use little post-it notes all around our office and at home to remember things? The world of tech has taken this piece of nostalgia and immortalized it for use on our electronic devices. You can pick any color you like, and tag it onto your screen, just a real post-it note. Some versions do have reminders and checklist options as well.  

Birthday & Events

There’s nothing worse than forgetting someone’s birthday, and it’s something you’re going to end up doing the more forgetful you become, and also the more people you get to know. This is why using apps that specialize in events and birthdays are amazing. 

All you need to do is enter the birthday once, and every year, you’ll get a reminder at the time of your choosing. The same goes for special events as well so you don’t end up missing someone’s wedding, for example!

The advancements in technology have allowed us to better ourselves in so many ways. People who suffer from memory issues can really benefit from a variety of applications that are designed to make your life that much easier. You can now easily access any information that you want to remember at any time, and set reminders to your convenience.