7 Useful Golf Basics Every Beginner Should Know

Golf is both simple and complex at the same time – a lot of things go into it, as easy as it may seem – your whole body needs to move coherently in order to be actually good at it! On the other hand, a lot of people shy away from even trying, not due to the fact that it might seem hard, but simply because golf is seen as a sport for older gentlemen, and nowadays that’s totally untrue! There are a lot of young people interested in it as well, and for a good reason, golf is extremely fun, yet perfect for those who seek slower-paced activities outdoors! So if you are interested in trying something new, here are 7 useful golf basics every beginner should know!

Take lessons 

In most cases if you never encountered golf before, you probably have no idea how it’s actually played – there is more to it than just holding a stick and hitting the ball until it enters a hole in the ground. That’s why beginners are usually better off taking lessons before they dive into golfing on their own. Obviously, if you simply don’t want to take lessons, and you just want to learn a few tricks so you can go golfing with your friends there is a solution for you! The internet is filled with blogs, videos, and tutorials dedicated to golfing, particularly those meant for absolute beginners! As long as you have space to practice, you’ll be good to go by just looking at useful courses online! 

Know the rules

It’s safe to say that golf is just one of those sports that has a lot of unnecessary rules, but they all exist for a good reason! But with that being said, a lot of those rulers are redundant and won’t even be useful on the field – some experienced players don’t bother to think of such formalities when playing, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to do so too. Basically, your first golfing experience shouldn’t stress you too much, just show up with enough knowledge and don’t sweat it – as long as you don’t disrupt the peace of other players, you’ll be good to go! It’s all about being respectful, so don’t go running around the field and making unnecessary noise! 

Get the right equipment

Now, there is a fine line between buying expensive gear when playing a sport and wasting money on something you don’t even need. Truth be told, you shouldn’t invest in good gear if you are not sure if your ‘’golfing’’ phase will last! Something that Ben Hogan Edge Irons review would suggest, is to always get the quality stuff, but not to be fooled over the price. If you truly want to be a golfer and plan on continuing it as a hobby even after taking lessons and going for a few trips, you should definitely get the right stuff at least! Golfing equipment is pretty intricate from the specific attire that can be anything that makes you comfortable yet classy, to golfing stick itself!

Concentration is key

Golf is not particularly the fastest sport around, it’s actually slow-paced and tactical, somewhat like a game of chess! While playing golf, in order to be good at it, you need to focus, so your body and mind become one! Your movements need to be cool, calm, and collected and your mind needs to be as sharp as possible. If possible, try to rest before going golfing, and make sure you do your daily meditation and leave the stress somewhere else, as you certainly won’t get anything good out of it on the golfing field!

Make sure you are warmed up

Since you will be active in one way or another, it’s still considered an activity no matter how slow it actually is. So your muscles and bones need to be stretched out and warmed up before attempting to stand all day and swing at the ball! Golfing can actually create injuries over time, that you won’t even notice, but they will creep up on you over time. Especially if you haven’t prepared your body properly! Generally speaking, golf is a harmless sport that a lot of people can play, from young kids to people well over 50! So just keep that in mind before jumping into the golfing adventures!

How to swing it like a pro

It’s pretty obvious that the main attraction of golfing is the actual swinging of the golf stick and perfectly hitting the ball that’s headed for the hole, right? But a lot of people tend to do it incorrectly, they either hit too hard or too weak and in other cases, they fail to observe the field and calculate the distance in their heads. But thankfully, there are so many different kinds of swinging techniques you can choose from! This way you are able to see what pose and what type of swing will work in your given situation! 

Having good posture

Golfing is predominantly a sport where you either stand for hours or walk around the large golf field – so it can take a toll on you if you have sensitive feet or shoulders because of the posture. Posture is actually extremely important in this game, as it can make or break the success of your swing, and fail to even hit the ball in front of you. Even if you think you have a good posture, you probably don’t due to constantly sitting around or on your computer, your body might feel weird and unable to properly get used to it – but you will!

At the end of the day, golfing is such an experience, so much so you need to try it to actually experience it. Even if it looks a bit boring from the outside, it’s actually lots of fun! So why are you shying away from trying this sport? As golf has a lot more benefits than downfalls, make sure you at least take lessons and go out golfing with some friends and family, as it’s so much fun! As long as you’ve vaguely known how golf works, you’ll be totally fine!