8 Hidden Places to Discover in the Edmonton River Valley this Summer

The past couple of months has found us exploring the River Valley almost every day. It’s a quick drive from almost anywhere in the city, and with 48 km and 22 ravines to explore, we discover somewhere new on almost every single walk we embark on.

Hidden Places to Discover in the Edmonton River Valley

Walk Through a Graffiti Filled Tunnel

The Wildlife Underpass is a favourite around here. It’s a bit of a mystery getting there, and you might think you’re not on the right track, but follow these directions, and you’ll find your way.
Find it at: Directions here

The River Valley Swing (one of them)

Are you brave enough to swing high over the river in Windermere? At this swing in Windermere, you can get going high, if you’re a thrill seeker.
Find it at: Windermere, you’ve got to explore this one yourself

Stand Under an Owls Nest

Tucked away a couple of kilometres into the trail at the Whitemud Creek Trail, there’s an owls nest where you can look up and get a glimpse of an owl family. It’s near enough the ground that you can see there family, but a pair of binoculars might make the experience even cooler, so pack a set before you hit this trail.
Find it at: Whitemud Creek Trail

Explore an Abandoned Campground

The abandoned Klondike Valley campground in Blackmud Creek still has a few signs that the campground existed. Like site markers, and the old stairway to the bridge. If you’re parents like us, you’ll make up an epic story about why the campground is no longer there, and your kids will be thrilled/terrified the whole walk.
Find it at: Ellerslie Road, before 103 A Street

Where Chickadees Eat out of Your Head 

Another great Whitetmud Creek gem, on this trail you can have the little chickadees eat straight from your hand, if you’re still enough. This one delights every single kid we bring along for this adventure. Use the 122 St exit from the Whitemud, into the first parking lot, to access the trail. Walk to the bridge, where you’ll hear the birds and see them (don’t forget to bring bird food!)
Find it at: Whitemud Creek Ravine Trail South

The Leftover Bomb Shelter 

On the north side of Mackenzie Ravine, you’ll notice something cool if you’re really, really paying attention while you walk. Near the trail, the remains of a 1953 bomb shelter designed to protect city official in the event of a Nuclear Attack, as created.
Find it at: Mackenzie Ravine between 94 Ave and 92 Ave

The ‘Hoodoos’ at Kinnaird Ravine 

Through this ravine, the sandstone ‘hoodoos’ trail that starts near Concordia, is a thrill for kids to discover on the trail. An urban favourite, it’s like a miniature trip to the Badlands, and it’s a trail easy/short enough (4.3 km) for small kids to venture.
Find it at: Kinnaird Ravine

What are some of your favourite hidden places in the River Valley to explore? Join the conversation, and find more on the Edmonton.family Facebook page