8 Reasons Why Your Fishing Boat Should Have A Trolling Motor

Trolling motors have become a part of the fishing world back in the 80s. However, some people still don’t get the sheer volume of benefits they can get with it. They are ideal tools for quiet fishing, precise maneuvering, and movement. You don’t have to start the main engine since it’s too loud and may make the whole trip a mess.

There’s a wide range of trolling motors that are mounted either on the transom or bow. Their control can also be performed in multiple ways: by hand, foot, remote control, pedal, etc. If you’re not using one yet, it’s time to learn why they are so good for any boat.

To elaborate on the topic, we’ve gathered 7 reasons why you should get the best trolling motor for your fishing boat asap!

1. Trolling Motors Are Very Powerful

From the variety of trolling motors, there are really powerful ones that can keep even a heavy boat in saltwater in the exact spot you put it initially. Strong wind and current won’t be a difficulty anymore. There are motors especially created for the saltwater environment that is a serious danger to the durability of a lot of materials.

But not only are these tools durable enough to serve you for years, they are also keeping you out of trouble and make even difficult fishing a delight. Look into GPS-controlled models if you need to be in one spot during the whole process without using the physical anchor or having to move the boat using the main motor all the time.

2. GPS Motors Have Spot Lock

Continuing the topic of GPS motors, Ulterra, for example, implements a Spot Lock feature in their products. It’s fully responsible for your location, and there’s nothing to worry about rather than your fishing skills.

All you have to do is use a remote to lock your location. There’s a GPS inside the motor that locks the coordinates and moves the boat automatically whenever it starts getting off the spot. Wind, current, etc. are compensated by the feature so that you don’t have to maneuver the boat every hour to stay in the needed location.

A lot of fishermen doubt the precision of GPS trolling motors at first. But after using it once, most change their minds. Such a tool may be quite an investment but imagine how easy every trip will be. There’s no swaying like when you’re using physical anchors. This may become a great benefit and a breakthrough for your fishing (especially if you’re after blackfish).

3. More Fishing Possibilities

As we’ve mentioned blackfish, let’s elaborate a bit. Blackfish really love to stay in a very specific area. Scup, sea bass, and other kinds of fish are also tricky to catch. You need a precise location and smooth maneuverability. If you need to move to different locations during the trip, it’s also not a problem. There’s no need to use the loud main engine for that; take the anchor out, and then put it back in.

4. Trolling Motors Help the Environment

They are very easy to use, don’t involve any harmful spills, and make no noise whatsoever. You don’t damage the ecosystem the fish lives in (unless you catch all of them). As a result, your boat isn’t a distraction for yourself, the local flora and fauna, and other fishermen around. Sound pollution is a thing we don’t talk about much, but it’s out there, and it brings damage to all ecosystems.

5. These Motors Are Easy to Install and Take Off

No special skills or much time is needed to install a trolling motor on your boat. Even a beginner can do it if there’s a detailed instruction. The manual should come with every motor because different kinds and brands might need different installation techniques. The main criterion of choice is the part of the boat you mount it on. While large boats that need maximum benefits from the motor should install it on the bow, smaller boats like kayaks use the type that is installed on the transom.

6. Wide Variety of Types for Different Purposes

Since the 80s, a lot of different types of trolling motors have emerged. You can find multiple buyer’s guides on these tools and see that there are products for all types of boats. A bass boat, a Deep-V, a deck boat, etc., you can find a motor specifically for your type.

The mount types are also different, but we’ve been on that already. It’s possible to find a perfect motor for your boat, mount type, the environment you’re going into, power, thrust levels, and much more.

7. Both Shallow and Deep Water Are Conquerable

There are shallow water spots that are great for fishing but are very difficult to stay quiet in. Stealth fishing is a closed topic for loud boats, so installing a trolling motor on yours can change the game forever.

8. Multiple Control Features

Boat control becomes pleasant with the variety of options you have with a trolling motor. Steer with:

  • Your hands;
  • Your feet;
  • Electronic self-direction;
  • Co-pilot;
  • Autopilot;
  • GPS, etc.

There are no distractions, so all the fish is at your disposal. Plus, a lot of shallow regions can’t be accessed using the outboard engine. But if you have a good trolling motor on the boat, just tilt the engine and use it instead to get into every area (that’s legally allowed, of course).

Since the 1980s, when trolling motors came out on the market, the technology was improved and renewed with the development of other fields of tech. The industry caters to fishermen of any kind, meeting their requirements with the newest features.

Nowadays, you can find motors with temperature detectors, GPS location lock-in, and sonar transducers. They can help you find fish and reach the location unnoticed. Basically, they do everything except actually fishing, which is completely your skill. And now, you can focus fully on it, leaving the technicalities to a powerful device.

The tool is very popular for any kind of boat, even the smallest kayaks, so if you think your craft is too large and heavy or light and tiny for a trolling motor, think again.