A Beginner’s Guide To Healing Stones: Are There Any Health Benefits?

We’ve all heard of crystals, but how much do we really know about them? A majority of people perceive them as a piece of jewelry that can be found in practically any local shop and nothing more than that.

But is that true? Are they nothing more than a plain piece of jewelry or there’s more to it than we know? Even though there isn’t any medical or scientific research that is going to showcase the benefits of these crystals, a lot of people claim that these gems offer some spectacular health and wellness benefits.

Now, although everything related to healing stones may seem like the latest trend, that’s not really the case. In fact, they have been around for many centuries. So if you’re yearning to learn more about them and their benefits, scroll below.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Healing Crystals

Use Your Intuition To Pick The One That’s Best For You

A lot of people (especially the ones who haven’t used them before) are not sure which one to choose. And that’s completely okay. You do not need to know all the facts in order to pick the one that’s suitable for you.

In fact, in the beginning, you should start by taking the one that is most appealing to you or has a lovely shape, or color. Once you did that, hold it in your hand for a short period of time, and voila, you’ve chosen your stone.

As you can see, it’s as simple as that. Perceive this whole process like meditation. There’s no wrong or right. The only “wrong” you can do is by not starting it at all. Another thing worth mentioning is to not pick the crystal just because someone else has it, or it’s popular. Buy it because you feel like it’s a good choice and because it belongs to you.

How Can We Benefit From Them?

As it was mentioned in the beginning, even though there is no scientific proof that healing crystals can heal any mental and physical diseases, it doesn’t mean that we should disregard them immediately. 

Namely, a plethora of people has stated that they have experienced both physical and mental benefits from them. Now, no one knows for sure if that was a placebo effect or not, what matters is that it was useful for them.

Moreover, every stone has its purpose. For instance, Amethyst is intended for those who want to experience spiritual and emotional growth. On the other hand, at the Moldavite store, you will learn that this gemstone is perfect for people who are having breathing issues, allergies, skin problems, etc. Furthermore, Black Tourmaline is ideal for individuals who want to protect all of their chakras and provide their bodies with balance and harmony.

What’s great about crystals is that they can do you no harm. That’s for sure. Now, it doesn’t mean that you should rely on them only and spend a bunch of cash on healing stones without using anything else that could potentially benefit you. 

What Else Is Important For You To Know?

Keep Crystal Near You 

You’re supposed to do that if you want to soak in all the energy. Now, it doesn’t mean that you should be constantly touching the crystal in order to feel its energy. On the contrary. It’s completely okay if you just put it in your pocket or bag. 

This way, you will quickly make a connection with your crystal and that’s something unbelievable. Most of us want to create some sort of connection. It doesn’t matter if it’s visible or not. What matters is that we feel it. 

How To Utilize Them?

Once you’ve chosen the crystal that’s right for you, you need to define your intention. What does it mean? It means that you should figure out what you want the stone to promote or help you out with. 

Then put yourself in a meditative-like state, hold the stone in your hand and focus on the goal you want to accomplish. At the same time, you should repeat mantra-like “please help me see the purpose of my soul”. 

You’re supposed to do that if you want to find a way to combat self-doubt. From time to time, you should clean and charge the crystals. It’s not anything too hard. Just soak them in cold water before you place them in the moonlight. If a full moon feels too far away, wash the healing stones through.

The facts that were provided in this article showcase that there’s nothing wrong with healing stones. In fact, if you believe in them and use them the right way, you can only benefit from these outstanding crystals.