Academic Writing: General Types Of College Pape

Academic writing allows students to demonstrate the acquired knowledge on a certain topic. It is an integral part of any education process as it promotes learning and helps to identify potential areas of improvement. However, academic writing may be quite a complicated task as it requires specific skills. 

For example, one needs to have developed critical thinking in order to write a decent paper. It means that a student must not simply present some information but also analyze it looking into a topic from different perspectives. It also involves planning and organizing the data in a logical order to ensure a consistent flow. 

Students are regularly given tasks in academic writing because it helps to improve their knowledge. While working on a paper, young people can read about various topics and broaden their horizons. This type of task also enhances creativity as it provides a chance to brainstorm innovative ideas one couldn’t come up with earlier.

Now that you understand why academic writing is so beneficial for the studying process, let’s dig deeper and learn more about it. 

Types of academic writing

There are four main types of academic writing with specific language features and purposes which are described below in detail.

  • Descriptive 

This is one of the simplest types of writing, which purpose is to provide some facts. If you see words like ‘identify’, ‘define’, ‘report’, ‘record’, or ‘summarize’ in instructions, then you are required to use descriptive writing. 

  • Analytical 

Most assignments given at college require analytical writing, which means that students need to analyze facts and re-organize the information. Instructions for analytical assignments typically include words like ‘compare’, ‘examine’, ‘contrast’, ‘relate’.  

  • Persuasive 

This type of writing includes all the features of analytical writing with the addition of a student’s own point of view. Note that most essays are persuasive, and there must be a persuasive element in any research article. Instructions for this type of writing usually contain such expressions as ‘take a position’,  ‘argue’, ‘evaluate’, or ‘discuss’.

  • Critical 

Critical writing is commonly used in research projects and it requires students to consider at least two points of view. If you were asked to write a critique of an article or a literature review, then you need to apply this type of writing. Typical task instructions would include words like ‘debate’, ‘critique’, ‘disagree’ or ‘evaluate’.

Too complicated assignments

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Types of college papers

  • Research paper

This is a kind of expanded essay, which purpose is to provide an in-depth explanation of a particular topic after researching it. A research paper must include some facts as well as a student’s own vision. It requires using only reliable sources and credible evidence. 

  • Review

Academic review is aimed at describing, analyzing, and evaluating a certain piece of work, which may be a journal article, book, movie, or even a performance. Writing this type of paper is a student’s chance to comment on someone’s views, ideas, and interpretations. It’s also important to show in what ways a chosen work fits into the discipline and to explain its value to the field.

  • Article

There are different types of academic articles, such as original, review, and theoretical. Original articles include study reports and describe research results, while review articles evaluate studies that have already been published before. Theoretical articles can be defined as reports that offer new theories based on some research. 

  • Dissertation

To create a dissertation, one needs to conduct a research project and present its findings in a written form. It’s probably the longest type of academic writing with the most complicated structure.  A dissertation is typically submitted in support of candidature for a doctorate degree or professional qualification. 

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